One of the founding partner agencies to join the team, Morphsites specialise in bespoke custom websites, premium hosting and online growth strategy for both B2B and B2C brands.
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In a recent video chat, marketing lead Rich Ball caught up with head of digital marketing, Dan Drummond, to find out more about the agency, and how the solution helps it support its clients.

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It’s getting harder to catch up with those that have got 50,000 reviews, so if you’re not using a review system, you need to be using one right now to be relevant. I think video reviews are definitely the way forward.

Morphsites considers review collection as an absolute must for agencies to compete with there competitors.

Why Should Agencies Partner with

Whether you’re a startup with 10 clients on your roster, or an established team juggling 10,000, our digital agencies partner programme gives you the tools you need to strengthen their online reputation (and your own while you’re at it).

When you team up with, you help your clients collect valuable social proof and authentic user generated content with ease. And because we’re a Google Licensed Partner, all review data contributes to Google Seller Ratings, boosting credibility and conversion across Google shopping and Ads.

Ultimately, agencies partnering with keep their clients happy with increased visibility across organic search, paid advertising, and social media without tying them down to long term contracts.

The Morphsites Interview

Morphsites work with clients that need advanced solutions and are looking for more functionality than you’d typically get from platforms like Shopify, such as multiple payment gateways or complicated stock control systems.

As an example of the type of work they do, Dan shared the case of Coombe Farms, a dairy farm that made the move into the organic meat market. To do so, they needed a bespoke website that fulfilled some very niche requirements:

Dan explains it was Coombe Farms that led to Morphsites partnership with, as they were looking not only for a bespoke eCommerce store, but also a review collection system that enabled them to grow.

Not partial to any particular platform at the time, Morphsites carried out due diligence and found to be the best solution, as well as the cheapest:

What’s been great about is that you’ve constantly built on the platform. It’s not remained static - it’s constantly got better and better and better. And from an agency point of view, it’s really easy to use.

So what features are particularly useful from an agency perspective? Dan spoke about’s API functionality, and how it allows them to tailor review collection on a client by client basis.

This is particularly important for brands like Coombe Farms, since frozen meat products can be kept for months before use:

There’s no point prompting reviews on the dispatch or delivery date, so it’s great being able to set two week later to ask for a review. We’ve got better conversion rates from tweaking when to send it.

Dan also made mention of our widget library, and how they’ve found different styles useful for different clients, including a car leasing company, who’ve been able to showcase their excellent customer service by placing reviews front and centre on their website.

For us, video reviews have become increasingly important, both for consumers and businesses. They show a brand how products fit into customer’s lives and give insight that’s just not achievable through written content.

For the consumer, they create emotional responses, and we’re passionate about educating clients on how to use video reviews to promote a product or service. It’s great to hear they’re having an impact for Morphsites’ clients too:

Video reviews are the ones customers engage with. They’re not scripted, they’re more genuine. And they put the product into context as well.

Something else we’re keen to share with our clients is how to respond to negative reviews. It’s all about identifying where the problem lies and finding the best resolution to turn a negative into a positive.

What’s Dan’s advice on the matter?

Try and go out your way to give a good customer experience. It’s never a good idea to just ignore bad reviews, because they won’t go away. Everyone understands mistakes are made and no business is perfect. It’s the way you handle those bad reviews.

If you’ve got a bespoke website requirement, check out what Morphsites can do. And if you’re looking for a trusted, Google Licensed Review Partner to team up with, join the 800+ agencies already working with

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