t takes two to tango. Today we're giving you behind-the-scenes access to a partnership made in heaven - that of Adtrak and REVIEWS.io. Discover how this hugely successful Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency use our reputation management platform to enhance their performance and bring their clients the best results possible.
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Who are Adtrak?

Adtrak are a full-service agency offering a complete range of digital services from Copywriting and Content Marketing to Web Design and Development. They generate leads for some huge names including Bistrot Pierre, Easy Mix Concrete, BALI and many more.


Whatever their client's requirements, Adtrak's specialist teams work with them to create a strategy that ensures online success.

The importance of Agency Review Partners

Reviews are becomming increasingly important in the online marketplace. Showcasing stars - or lack of - has a direct impact on how well businesses are able to perform, both on SERPs and on-site. For a Digital Agency such as Adtrak, these benefits are indispensable, both for their own competitiveness, and that of their clients.

Some of the benefits of getting reviews for your clients include:

  1. Increasing CTR in Google
  2. Lowering CPC in Google Ads
  3. Improving SERP rankings (especially on Google Local)
  4. Increasing on-site conversions
  5. Increasing basket size
  6. Ultimately, partnering with REVIEWS.io both saves and earns clients money - what's not to like?

By having an established Reviews Patnership, Adtrak are able to give their clients the opportunity to begin collecting reviews quickly and easily, adding another allurable string to their bow.

There are a lot of stats, facts and figures showing that online reviews are very powerful so we knew that Adtrak had to have a review platform for our clients. As an agency, we regard reviews as very important; they give a potential customers a stronger and better understanding of qualities than most business communication formats. Having plenty of positive reviews can lead to a real boost in customer confidence and sales.John Cutts, Marketing Strategist

Why Adtrak & REVIEWS.io?

There are several Review Patnerships out there, so why choose REVIEWS.io?

Well, we have the best tech the Review Industry has to offer. Not only can we faciliate all the standard stuff, such as a range of review collection methods, a selection of widgets and a seamless dashboard that makes management easy, but we offer much more besides.

Some of our newer features incorporate technology such as User-Generate Content and use Influencers to help make brands even more successful online. This is sort of tech that can really give agencies the upper hand when it comes to providing clients with a great ROI.

Plus, we do it all for a really, really reasonable price than won't be beaten anywhere else.

But don't just take our word for it, let's hear what Adtrak have to say:

We chose reviews.io because it provided an affordable solution to implementing a review strategy. It was also brand new to the market place - which was exciting - and could do everything we needed it to do, including integration with Google Ads, review schema and a site widget.

How does a REVIEWS.io Agency Partnership work

When an agency joins REVIEWS.io, they have the option to manage their own clients, or for us to take care of this for them. Adtrak choose the former, meaning that all communication, management and payment is handled by them. This way, they're able to work with clients to create a really effective Customer Review Strategy, and also deliver it for them to take the strain away.

As with all our clients, agency clients are placed on packages that suit their exact requirements and never over sold. They get acess to all our usual features, enabling them to collect, respond to, and showcase as many reviews as they need.

The best thing is that we grow as your agency grows - Adtrak can bring on new clients at any time, as well as upgrade their existing clients as they evolve.

How Watling Tyres Soared to Success with Adtrak & REVIEWS.io

Many of Adtrak's clients have achieved great things with REVIEWS.io, but one of their stand out successes is Watling Tyres.

Watling Tyres provide a wide range of services in their auto centres across Kent, Surrey, Sussex and the surrounding areas. They pride themselves on offering great service, choice and value in every one of their centres, and as a result have many happy customers.

Adtrak worked with Watling Tyres to create and customer Review Strategy that would enable them to easily collect a high volume of feedback and then showcase it on the site.


The review strategy aims to make it easy and effortless for customers to leave a review. They can leave a review either in the garages themselves or online. For potential customers, we make reviews visible on highly converting pages on the site. We also manage the reviews weekly to verify and maybe even respond to reviews.

Adtrak have not only made use of our basic features in Watling Tyres' Review Strategy, but have also taken advantage of our more advanced technology. In Store Review Collection ads to the customers experience as a whole, as they are asked to rate their experience in real time.

Reviews.io have helped Watling Tyres achieve nearly 1,500 reviews which the general manager is really proud of. They're keen to amass 5,000 and even 10,000 reviews over time!

Not only have the reviews been flying in, but Watling Tyres have amassed an NPS of 96 - an almost perfect score.

Now Watling Tyres don't have to say they're the best in the business, the proof is there for all to see.

What could your clients gain from REVIEWS.io? Find out more by getting in touch with a member of the team via live chat or join our Agency Partnership today.

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