Customer reviews are a trusted source of information for the online shopper, but they don’t just benefit the consumer. They can have a major impact on your business growth by improving your stores visibility, driving qualified traffic and improving conversion rates.
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But are you ready?

Well, if any of the following scenarios apply to you, it’s time to make reviews part of your eCommerce business strategy.

1. You Want Control of Your Online Reputation

You’ve noticed some negative reviews around your products or service on third party platforms that are out of your control, and you want to fix the issue before it causes a dip in sales.

You don’t need to ask for feedback for reviews to appear. Unfortunately, when they’re given without request, it’s usually because someone has something they want to complain about.

It’s a consumer driven world, and how your brand is perceived is largely down to what others have to say about you, but by collecting reviews you can gain an element of control over your reputation.

Choosing the right solution will allow you to encourage positive reviews that outweigh any negative opinion, as well as giving you the opportunity and the necessary tools to handle negative reviews in a way that transforms them into a positive outcome.

So, if you want to accelerate business growth by presenting your brand in the best light possible, you’re ready to start collecting reviews.

2. You Want to Improve Your Search Rankings

Your competitors are ranking higher than you in search results, and what’s more, they’ve got star ratings next to their products. For the customer, it’s an easy decision which link to click.

By collecting reviews through a Google Licensed Review Partner, you can dramatically improve your sites performance in search engine results.Customer feedback will contribute to your Google Seller Rating, placing stars alongside your Ad campaigns and Rich Snippets in organic search results.

These stars not only drive you higher up the ranks, they give you credibility. Product reviews have a huge impact on the customer journey, acting as a form of social proof that boosts click through rates and ultimately drives sales.

You can take this even further by including video reviews that offer real insight into your products. These are far more influential than written reviews, as they allow potential buyers to experience your products before they buy. They’re also great for driving online brand engagement.
So, if you want to boost your online visibility, subsequently improving click through and conversion rates, you’re ready to start collecting reviews.

3. You Want to Excel in Customer Service

You know your products are great, but you’re struggling to build relationships with customers that lead to repeat business or generate new custom through recommendation.

Reviews bring several benefits here.

  • They add additional communication that can help build loyalty.

A review request shows that you care about your customers, and how they view your products and service. They’re also a great way of saying ‘thank you’, whilst asking for feedback at the same time. This extra touchpoint between you makes customers view your brand more favourably.  

  • They give you real insight into where you’re performing well, and where you might be falling short.

It’s impossible to improve on customer service unless you know where the issues lie, and what better way to find out than by asking the very people you serve? Their feedback will deepen your understanding of the market you’re in and how you can drive sales further by appealing to the customers’ wants and needs.

  • They’re a way to showcase your customer service success.

Reviews are the online equivalent of word of mouth recommendations and will assure potential buyers that you’re worthy of their business.So, if you want to gain a better insight into your target market, what they expect from you, and how you can deliver it, you’re ready to start collecting reviews.

4. You Want Authentic Content That Drives Brand Engagement

You want to make your brand stand out and drive traffic to your site but creating your own video content or other marketing assets is time consuming and costly.

By asking for reviews, in particular video reviews, you’re getting user generated content that requires minimal effort on your part, doesn’t cost you the earth, and is completely unique from anything your competitors are using.    

As marketing assets, video reviews are a game changer. They’re what customers are looking for to inform their purchasing decisions - not heavily produced ad campaigns, but genuine, trustworthy sources of first-hand experience.

So, if you want an authentic approach to marketing that’s both cost effective and conversion driving, you’re ready to start collecting reviews.

5. You Want to Outsell Your Competitors

You’re selling a similar product or service as your rivals, and at a lower price point to boot, but they’re still converting at a higher rate than you.

If that’s the case, there’s a fair chance your competition is using feedback as social proof. They’re capturing the market because customers are swayed by positive reviews that give them confidence in who they’re buying from.

To take some of that market share for yourself, you need to start collecting reviews of your own.  

How Can These Be Achieved?

Well, once you’ve got a company listing with a review platform like, it’s easy to get the ball rolling. Simply direct customers to your review profile page to start collecting feedback that will help with all of the above.

If you want to automate the process, and start using review content for maximum benefit, create a plan that suits your company and its goals, be that improved search rankings, better customer service or increased brand engagement.

To sum it up, reviews get you seen, give you credibility and boost your bottom line. Add a listing for your eCommerce store today – you’re ready!

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