As a review solution, we don’t favour unnecessary lock-ins that become obstacles for your organisation. Don’t fall prey to decades-old software practices that are expensive and hard to maintain, which typically result in costly investments.

There are multiple review platforms online offering lock-in, 12 month contracts, but here's 5 reasons which might make you think twice before signing.

Why you should not sign a long contract?

It's common for review partners to lay down the great benefits reviews can have for your business, and then when you're happy and ready to join, ask you to sign up to a 12 month contract. You want those purchase-affirming stars from reviews to appear in Google and enable social proof, but to be tied down for a year, seem an old way to do business no?

If you're at all bothered by the concept of having to hand over - what is very often an extortionate amount of money - every month for 12 months to stick with those services, then you're not alone.

We don't believe 12 month contracts are a good idea, and neither should you. Here are 5 statements you may have heard to get you to sign a lengthy contract, along with the reasons why signing a 12 month contract with a review partner isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Why You Claim Guaranteed SEO Boost

If the pitch involves a sales representative offering you guaranteed SEO benefits which you'll have for the entire year, be very wary. Review partners don't control Google's algorithm which ranks companies in the SERPs, therefore SEO can be subject to change throughout the year.

With Google changing their algorithms regularly, being locked-in for 12 months with unmitigated SEO assurance is unwise, because if after a month your ranking changes, you're not actually getting what you paid for and their services are not meeting your needs.

What are the Alternative to Contracts?

In order to keep up with Google's algorithms, we felt it only fair to offer our clients rolling monthly contracts. So at if after a month you're happy with our services, you can stay for another, which renews month after month until you say stop. It keeps us on our toes meaning our services stay fresh and up to date, to support all your needs.

You can even change your plan by upgrading or downgrading anytime, or cancelling after the month is up. We put our hands up and admit that SEO is an ever-changing art, so why should clients bear the brunt of any changes? Therefore, monthly rolling contracts enable you the best service amidst any change in circumstance, either on your end or with SEO, and leave you in control.

What have to offer?

Better Service

Review partners may also convince you that by signing up to a year long contract makes you a long-term partner with them, and your needs are better understood therefore you'll receive better service.

A contract and the service you receive are not mutually exclusive. Customer service is at the heart of our business, whether we speak to you for a single day, are with us for a month and decide to move on, or have been with us since our inception 7 years ago.

Unconditional support offers support over the phone, via email, or live chat, and also includes full developer support. You are choosing to give us your time and service, and we don't feel being with us for a set time period should determine the quality we give back.

Service should be outstanding from day 1 of contact, and should not be dependent upon whether you're handing over 12 months of hard-earned cash. Don't let the allure of better service for your company be the reason you lock yourself in for a year, because great service should go without saying.

If anything, being told you'll receive better service because you're with them for longer demonstrates lack of care and support from their end, and more emphasis on your company potentially being viewed only as a cash cow.

"Your plan includes up to.."

Make sure you're crystal clear on the exact services your review partner will get you for the amount you pay, because confusing or hidden costs after you've signed up to a 12 month contract isn't ideal for your business needs, or wallet.

If at any point you're unhappy, that's pretty much your lot for the year ahead. At we pride ourselves on our clear, transparent, and honest plans; what you see is what you get.

With other review platforms you're likely to be able to upgrade if your plan doesn't suit you, but you're still trapped, now paying more money for something you didn't initially agree too. It doesn't bode well for the future or cement trust.

You're in control

Unlike our competitors, you can cancel entirely after a month, or every month thereafter, you can even upgrade or downgrade, we don't don't need to rope people into a 12 month contract to get them to stay, our clients stay because they like the solutions we offer. Check out our homepage to browse through our solutions today, or sign up to a free trial to see for yourself.

"Long-term saves you money"

You may also be advised that by signing a 12 month contract you'll be saving money in the long run than if you had gone with a rolling monthly contract. If this is the case, you're clearly being charged too much in the first place.

Always affordable

We don't believe review collection, publication, and management should cost you the earth, that's why our plans are fairly priced and with our rolling contracts, you have greater control of your account and expenditure. Our lifestyles and prospects are a constant flux, so what suits you or is affordable one week, may be too little or too much the next, let alone a year down the line.

We take these nuances on board because as I initially stated, our customers are at the heart of our business, and should be for whichever platform you choose. You can take a look at our pricing page to see what review solutions are in each plan, you may be surprised at how cost-effective review collection is - or at least should be - for the overwhelming benefits.

"It'll cost you to cancel.."

Lastly, you're 4 months into your 12 month contract, problems have occurred, and you you're faced with another 8 months of the same service. It may be the case that you're going to have to grit your teeth and ride those 8 months out, or, you may be able to cancel your contract. For a fee.

Freedom of choice

Whatever the story, the bottom line is we just don't feel you should be trapped paying money each month for something that you're not happy with, or you're being charged for your freedom. That's why with a rolling monthly contract you're not locked-in, giving you the chance to breathe if things don't quite go to plan, or continue with your plan in the knowledge your money is secure and won't be wasted if you do leave.

If we apply the same 4 month example to our rolling contracts, if you're at all unhappy, could offer you a different plan by upgrading or downgrading, or if you wish to leave, you can cancel. You've paid for the services you've used, and that's it. Rolling contracts are more favourable than 12 month contracts as they can be viewed as 'risk-free', which does what it says on the tin for your business.

In Summary

When considering a 12 month contract, make sure that all the solutions meet your needs, you are happy with the price, and if you do encounter issues contemplate whether you'd be happy to deal with those problems for the rest of the year, or if available, fork out a fee to leave.

Don't be drawn in by statements of guaranteed SEO, better service, or savings with a long-term plan, and be wary of misleading plans, potential hidden costs, including cancellation fees.

Collecting, publishing, and managing reviews with a platform that gives you a rolling contract - such as - offer the same great review solutions and more, including bank balance friendly pricing, but without the risk of lock-in. With you have a monthly rolling contract which you can change or leave at any point in the year, putting you and your needs at the centre of our business.

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