With Reviews.io you can easily start collecting Google reviews to maintain a consistent reputation across the web, and proudly add Google reviews to your website with a few simple steps.

Local reviews

People leave reviews - and will continue to leave reviews - on sites of their choosing across the web. The most you can do with these reviews is smile and take satisfaction in the fact customers are providing feedback, you might even be able to reply with a thank you. But aside from looking good, you can't add these Google reviews to your website.

Not only that, reviews left naturally tend to be more negative. Individuals jump online to vent their frustrations, and without being able to have eyes everywhere, you can't always rectify the situation.

Add Google Reviews to your website Reviews.io

Reviews.io enables businesses to collect reviews across multiple review sites, such as Google, Facebook and Yelp amongst many others, with our Local Reviews solution providing you that 360 scope to eliminate blind spots. Directing your customers to write their reviews in these places not only generates more reviews in areas your customers are most likely to look, but also promotes more positive feedback. Vitally, feedback which you can utilise.

With greater control of your review outlook, you're able to keep track of local reviews - in this instance Google - in the Reviews Dashboard, reply privately or publicly to thank customers or rectify issues, as well as the core concept of this post, add Google reviews to your website.

Publishing reviews

Reviews.io makes review publishing a breeze through simple implementation of a review badge or widget. We have multiple badges and widgets which can display your star rating, overall rating, review total, as well as your customer's feedback. By having a vast array of choices, whatever your website's needs, Reviews.io has every company covered.

To add Google reviews to your sites pages, you can implement either our Vertical, Carousel, Carousel Inline, or Floating Widget. The Floating Widget is one of our most popular, and can be discreetly added to your webpage’s sidebar. At the click of a button customers can expand the widget to a lightbox displaying all your latest company reviews.

[caption id="attachment_9310" align="aligncenter" width="1070"]Add Google Reviews to your website Reviews.io See the example of our client, Shynee. Shynee display their customer reviews which have been collected from multiple review sites, such as the review left by a customer directed to the Reviews.io platform, as well as those on Google Local.[/caption]

Customers can initially see an overview of your company rating, but can engage themselves further and read all your newly added Google reviews, as and when they come in, amongst any other places your business has collected reviews from across the web.

Blog summary

With Google being the most influential place your customers see your brand, Reviews.io can empower your business to create a more consistent review rating, securing your review outlook and improving customer trust, using our unique Local Reviews solution.

Move that trust forward to engage and keep your customers on-site through the addition of Google reviews to your own webpages, using Reviews.io's badges and widgets. By easily providing your customers with your reviews on your website, as well as demonstrating that your business welcomes voices from numerous areas, you appear open and honest strengthening trust for your brand.

Ultimately, Reviews.io can help grow your brand by building customer confidence, enabling you to see more traffic and conversion. To collect and add Google reviews to your website today, sign up for a free trial, and start collecting reviews in all the places that matter to you and your customers.