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If you're anything like me, the advances in technology may have blown your mind over the last decade, therefore the concept of 360° monitoring may get you excited.

The rise of smartphones; social media: where at the click of a button you're connected to friends all across the globe; 3d printers with the capability of creating artificial organs; augmented and virtual reality; as well as the ongoing Mars missions.

However, technology isn't always created for creations sake, it has a purpose; to better or streamline our lives.


Such streamlining you may be familiar with, or even use yourself, is Amazon's Echo launched in 2015/2016. The Echo is a smart speaker that connects to the voice-controlled personal assistant service we've all come to endearingly call, Alexa.

The Echo allows us to not only quickly search and order from the internet, but also integrates features of our home such as turning lights on, controlling timers, and setting reminders.

In our busy lives, The Echo makes things easier for us to control, in one neat little package for our home.


Once again, the march of technology presses on, with the latest streamlining device sparking this blog; The Moon. The Moon by 1-Ring is a levitating smart camera, roughly the size of a tennis ball.

It measures the temperature, humidity, light, CO2 levels, and sounds in a room, whilst monitoring your home a full 360° - no corner is left untouched. I think that's pretty damn cool.

However, The Moon isn't out yet, with release set for backers in March 2018, but 360° monitoring isn't a futuristic revelation. Here at you can live 360°, 24/7, where in your busy life we make things easier for you, in one neat little package.

360° review monitoring

Like the Moon, we believe in scope across the entire board. With 360° review monitoring through collecting Local Reviews, we enable you with review and reputation consistency and your customers ease and reliability of shopping. Unlike the Moon however, we don't levitate. (Yet).


You may already be collecting reviews, but only on one platform. Your reviews are all praising your company, but for some reason instead of having 4 or 5 stars like your customers keep leaving you, you only have a rating of 3. Why is this?

Just one single person may have left you a negative review on a different platform, which is now dragging down your score. This leaves you with an unrepresentative rating. To rectify this, the platform in question should be utilised, among others, as part of your main collection strategy.

At we help you collect Local Reviews across a multitude of platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp enabling you consistency for your company's image.


More often than not, your customers will find your brand across a number of different channels. If you're only displaying your reviews on one platform, a whole host of patrons are left uninformed, and will most likely move to a competitor offering reviews on the platform of their choice.

You're essentially leaving money on the table by blinkering yourself to one platform. Cover all bases and spread yourself for the best possible accessibility.


Lastly, with 360° review monitoring, you're able to keep on track with verified reviews through alerts. You can be alerted to either negative, positive, or a selection of reviews to notify you of potential issues with your service or products, in order for you to then address the situation as it arises.

On the flip side, positive review notifications allow you to also thank you customers for their time in leaving a review for your services. (You can read more about responding to your reviews here). Constant management keeps your customers happy, and allows you to not get snowed under.

Blog summary

Similarly to The Moon, allows for full monitoring through Local Review collection to keep you constantly in the loop, because no-one likes to have a blind spot with something they care about. We simplify the collection process for you through our automated system, allowing you to take control of the important things.

Overall, you can decide which places your customers write reviews and where you collect from across platforms of your choice, and with a weekly report download, you can monitor your reputation over time.

Consistency, scope, and notification. You don't have to wait months for all this to be available, you can visit our website now for more solutions, or sign up to a free trial, and get the benefits of 360 now.

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