Poppy's Picnic is a raw dog food manufacturer with a difference. Selling both direct to customers and in shops around the U.K and in Hong Kong they're on a mission to help dog owners feed their pets a raw food diet the way nature intended.

Take a look at Poppy's Picnic's impressive array of accolades, and you'd be mistaken for thinking that they'd been up and running for years.

But in fact, Poppy's Picnic was only launched three short years ago. As an ambitious start-up, founder, Dylan Watkins managed to obtain an investment offer from no other than Deborah Meaden from the Dragon's Den herself and secure a place on the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator Scheme before they'd even turned one!

Poppy's Picnic have made a splash in the dog food market, and it's fair to say, it's a risk that's paid off.

But it's not just their food that breaks the mould. Poppy's Picnic have absolutely nailed their branding, creating something fun, personable and downright unforgettable.

Poppy's Picnic Dog Food

Their fuschia brand colours, dog puns, and quirky communication makes shopping with them about so much more than filling up a pet bowl - it's an experience.

As a startup, Poppy's Picnic have had a lot to learn incredibly quickly. But their positive attitude, strong brand image and ethos have helped therm to amass a loyal following of customers that just can't seem to stay away.

"We stay late, we follow up, we get out of the office and pack boxes ourselves if required. Ultimately, we care that the customer has not just a satisfactory, but an exceptional experience because we’re passionate about our product and the difference it can make to dogs’ lives." - Laura Blott, Head of Marketing & Ecommerce

The Challenge

Poppy's Picnic understood that, as a relatively new, growing business in a competitive market, trust signals would be paramount to their success.

"In a crowded market place, and with something so personal as a family member’s health, customers need to know that the company they’re buying their food from is reputable and lives up to the standard and quality that it promotes." - Laura Blott, Head of Marketing & Ecommerce

But after having had a bad experience with a different review platform, it's fair to say they were a little wary of putting their trust in another.

The reputation of the review platform was therefore paramount. As a small business, with a small team, setup and integration with their Shopify site needed to be straightforward and fast. They also wanted good account management, fair pricing and ease of use so they could profit from all of their reviews.

The Solution

In Reviews.io, they found just what they were looking for.

With Shopify integration at the click of a button, Poppy's Picnic were almost immediately able to start pulling in reviews. Reviews.io links up with Shopify to enable automatic sending of review invitations every time an order is completed.

"Once we made the decision to go with Reviews.io, set up was really quick and we were able to start using the platform within days. The widgets worked well on our old Woocommerce site, and also when we switched to Shopify."- Laura Blott, Head of Marketing & Ecommerce

Review invitation emails can be customised to fit with a business' brand image - a feature Poppy's Picnic have taken advantage of. Using their familiar, fun and friendly TOV and bright logo, the customer journey is fluid from start to finish.

The reviews they've collected are featured front and centre on their homepage using our Carousel Inline Widget. They've again modified this widget to fit in with their branding, resulting in a really sleek testimonial section.

What we love the most about Poppy's Picnic's review strategy, is without a doubt the public replies they post to both positive and negative feedback. Replying in itself shows true customer care, but it's all in the details here. Their thoughtful review replies show that each piece of feedback is valued and read in full and, personalisation added wherever possible helps customers build a real attachment towards the brand.


As a result of all their hard work, Poppy's Picnic have now collected over 760 reviews with an average star rating of 4.90. This almost perfect score showcases the business' commitment to great customers service, and for that, we applaud them!


As a startup in their third year, reviews have proven invaluable to the scaling up of the business, giving customers the confidence to switch up their dog's dinner and take a chance on Poppy's Picnic.

"Since signing up to Reviews.io we have been able to improve customer conversions via landing pages and the quality of our paid social campaigns. We are extremely proud of the rating we’ve achieved and actively promote it. Having previously had a difficult experience with a competitor platform, I would tell others to be unafraid to give Reviews.io a try and see how it could boost your business. The sooner you can start collecting reviews and building a base that consumers will trust, the better.
"- Laura Blott, Head of Marketing & Ecommerce

Final Words

Poppy's Picnic understood the value of customer feedback from day dot. Their investment not only into the happiness of their customers - both of the two and four-legged variety - but also the ability to showcase this happiness on their site has enabled them to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

They've made dogs happy, and they've got the reviews to prove it. A Pawsome job, from a pawsome company. Congrats guys.