Are you inundated with praise on Google for your business? Worried about those isolated negative reviews? Or, do you actually want to start seeing some Google reviews? Whatever your story, this post will go over how you can ask for Google reviews with, and successfully cover all three bases.

Reviews are everywhere

Let's lay the groundwork. Most of us can't browse the web without tripping over a handful of reviews along the way; Whether you're actively seeking them or not, reviews are everywhere just waiting to be read, shared or discussed. Google is one of the most influential places online, therefore, as a business it's salient to get a handle on both positive and negative reviews left there.

Positive reviews speak for themselves, if your customers are leaving shining Google reviews for your business - jump on board to see the benefits! However, negative reviews on Google can be a little more frustrating. It should go without saying you're doing your hardest to resolve issues, but with the best will in the world there's no pleasing some. They just want to get their two cents worth in - fair or not. With that in mind, why would you want to ask customers for reviews here and highlight something you'd much rather move on from?

Truth be told, if they don't see them, others will. That's why it's important to invite your customers to leave reviews here and start filling Google up with your genuine customer experiences, over unverified and potentially unmitigated naysayers.

Before you begin asking

Right off the bat, in order to ask for and utilise Google reviews, you need to have an active review strategy in place. If you do, you can easily begin the steps towards asking for Google reviews with If you don't, but you're looking to get started or aim to soon, then save this blog post for future reference.

However, if the answer is no with a resounding follow up no to review collection, then enjoy the read, but you'll still be in the same boat as when you started the post. Hopefully when laying the groundwork, you'll have considered the benefits you're missing out on, as well as the reputation disadvantages you face. If you haven't - wait until you get to the end.

Asking for Google reviews

So, how can you ask your customers for Google reviews? With it's as simple as sending them an invitation! You can ask your customers for Google reviews using our unique Local Reviews solution, which follows the same principles in acquiring Company Reviews, with a clever addition and one small step.

One small step

Within the Reviews Dashboard, you can simply choose how many of your invitations are distributed between and Google, and proceed to send your invites out like any other day.

One clever addition

Your review invitations make their way to your customers, but your Google review requests only go to certain customers - those with a Gmail email address! This smart selection works perfectly for two reasons: Customers without a Gmail email address won't have to sign up just to leave their review, and therefore those already with an account can quickly leave their review, helping review conversion rates.

Your reputation and Google

When you start asking for and collecting Google reviews, you'll begin to see a host of benefits. With a steady flow of review invitations and customers directed to Google, your review total will increase, and more reviews attracts more customers!

As individuals, we feel safer following the crowd. The path is tried and tested, therefore more than one person can't be wrong. If shoppers can see numerous others like themselves have used your service and voiced their experience, they'll also want in. With more people driven to read your reviews, all your organic Google reviews can also be highlighted, your once potentially untapped positive source becomes a socially proven geyser.

But what about those nasty negatives? There are two types: genuine negative reviews where you might've dropped the ball, and unmitigated keyboard hate. There is a solution for both.

With a negative Google review, unless you have eyes in the back of your head, it's likely it went unnoticed for a while. When you eventually see your customers grievance, it may be too late and the time for resolution has passed. With our Local Reviews solution, when you ask and collect Google reviews, they all appear in the Reviews Dashboard neatly in one place for you to monitor and manage.

From here, you can setup notifications to alert you when a negative review comes in. This enables you the chance to offer instant rectification, and if all goes smoothly, you can even ask your customer to edit their review.

So, the unmitigated keyboard hate? An unfair, unrepresentative review, which you have tried to resolve to no avail, can be dampened by all your fresh reviews rolling in! Most shoppers are savvy, and can distinguish between an off day on your behalf, and an always off person.

Your Google review score will also begin to consistently match your overall rating. Mismatched ratings ring alarm bells for shoppers; Is the more positive rating littered with fakes? Why instil doubt when you can much more easily reinforce brand advocacy.

Ask for Google reviews Ask for Google reviews

Directing your verified customers to leave Google reviews balances everything out, as wherever they look for your brand feedback, its congruent. A secure reputation encourages greater customer trust, driving traffic. You can see for our client Power Tools Direct how over the space of 6 months, they were able to start asking for Google reviews, and even out their review scores.

Ask for Google reviews

The importance of increasing your Google review quantity and a solid review rating are backed by 46% of consumers considering review quantity as the second most important factor when researching reviews, just pipped to the post by 54% stating average star rating comes in first.

Lastly, you can even go ahead and publish your Google reviews acquired by invitation to your website! Through the addition of a widget on your site, your Google reviews can appear alongside your Company Reviews. Your Google review visibility is amplified, and any potential shoppers can strengthen their purchase decisions at the click of a button.

Ask for Google reviews

Blog summary

By joining you can easily ask your customers for those highly influential Google reviews, to see your reputation improve, and your organic reviews shine to the surface. And once you start collecting Local Reviews on Google, you needn't worry about missing a beat, as the Reviews Dashboard has your entire Google review outlook covered.

To start asking for Google reviews, sign up today, and put your customers shopping outcomes and your business at an advantage.