If you're looking for a Woocommerce Product Reviews plugin then look no further than Reviews.io's Google-licensed solution, which not only lets you collect Company and Product Reviews but also gets you Google Seller Ratings and Stars in Search.

Woocommerce is a great eCommerce platform build on Wordpress which lets businesses set up an e-commerce store with minimal fuss. Its customisability, with the wide range of themes available, makes it a great choice for business owners who need to quickly set up a working store, yet have complete control over branding and functionality.

As a business you have the option to collect Company Reviews or Product Reviews. Both are important. The first gives your customers an overall view of your customer service, delivery and usability, while the second rates your individual products giving customers extra information over the manufacturer's standard description.

Both company and product reviews can appear in Adwords, Google Shopping and Rich Snippet content from Google. You'll only get stars in Adwords or Google Shopping if you collect reviews with a licensed third party review platform such as Reviews.io

Why use a WooCommerce product reviews plugin?

Woocommerce product reviews are important for a number of reasons.

Product reviews give you stars in Google. Choosing a licensed Google Review Partner means your reviews are fed into Google, allowing you to display Google Seller Ratings. Stars in Google give you more clicks. You won't get Seller Ratings unless you use a licensed partner.

Product Reviews give your customers one less reason to leave your site. During their journey, your customer will look for various indicators as to whether to buy from you. Price, delivery and reputation are important, and generally Company Reviews and the Google snippet will give them this information before they even get to your site.

However, one thing customers want to know about products is whether they are suitable for them. You can put as much dry manufacturer information from your database on your product page as you like, but unless you have real review comments from other customers explaining that the product works as intended for their purpose, you're giving your customers one more reason to leave your site in search of the answer to their question.

I've written a whole blog post on how reviews affect the customer journey here, so have a read of that.

Social Proof is a powerful tool in eCommerce, and using a product review plugin on your WooCommerce store is the best way to gain it.

WooCommerce product reviews plugin - in detail

Our product reviews plugin integrates easily into your WooCommerce site - you just choose where on your product page you want to install the widget and edit your template file accordingly by inserting a few lines of code.

Your web visitors will be able to browse reviews of your products without ever leaving your site - this is a real bonus for you because keeping users on your site for longer will benefit your conversion rates.

woocommerce product review widget

The content of your reviews is where the interesting stuff happens. Obviously the star rating is important, people want to know that the product is good, naturally.

But review content also answers questions that potential customers have, and this is the key to great conversion.

Read an article on how product reviews in general can help your business grow.

For full details on how to install the WooCommerce Product Review plugin, read our support article. You'll need to sign up for a Reviews.io account first, so click the button at the top of this page to get started.