We're excited to announce that the long-awaited Reviews.io Salesforce app is now available within the app exchange!

Reviews.io in Salesforce

With the Reviews.io integration within Salesforce, as a Salesforce user you can harness the power of all your customer insights, right from the platform you already know and use.

The app enables current and new users to manage and improve the entire customer journey - from attraction through to retention and advocacy - using their reviews within the Marketing, Sales and Service clouds.

The Clouds

Within the Sales Cloud, reviews enable you to gather rich insight for each customer account, to reinforce your sales process and attract new customers.

Reviews offer a window into personal preferences as well as hurdles, offering you the opportunity to engage with those individuals and those like them.

Form effortless customer connections using reviews within the Service Cloud. Through real-time review alerts and automated case creation, gain a full 360° view of your entire customer journey to improve retention.

Being able to pinpoint customer grievances as soon as they reach you helps to de-escalate issues, preserving good company-customer relationships. Cases also allow you to shine a spotlight on stumbling blocks within your service, to make valued changes and move forward.

And within the Marketing Cloud, build marketing campaigns using review content to facilitate customer re-engagement, and create brand advocates, to see your brand go from strength to strength.

Why collect reviews?

Company reviews enable your business to stand out from competitors with an increased visibility in both paid and organic listings. Review stars in ads, called Seller Ratings, save you up to 17% of your PPC spend through enhanced CTRs.

Product ratings in your Google Shopping Campaigns have a similar effect as Seller Ratings, attracting and encouraging more clicks, resulting in greater on-site conversion and an uplift in AOV.

And review stars against your company and products in organic Google listings draw attention to your business, promoting more traffic, with CTRs seeing an increase of up to 22%.

Collecting your company and product reviews is quick and simple. Use any of our collection methods to suit your business needs by either sending invitations via email, SMS, our In-store app, or a combination of all three, and stay on-brand with fully-customisable and frictionless review requests.

Publish reviews directly on your website to enable easy access for shoppers, and further cement social proof when they come from your ads or organic listings. Through the implementation of badges and widgets to showcase your reviews on your website, you provide rich information - especially reviews with customer-generated photos - to inform purchases and grow consumer trust.

Build a consistent online reputation for your business by collecting local reviews across a range of sites important for your brand. Over 73% trust a company with reviews on multiple sites, rather than one site alone, and with an improved reputation, brand advocates flourish, positively placing your brand at the forefront of shoppers' minds.

Finally, enhance your social reach and get your customers talking by sharing your reviews across social media. Reviews here pique interest and create dialogue surrounding your business, promoting greater traffic and revenue, and with those individuals identifying with reviewers, better review conversion too.

Blog summary

Form an absolute and all-encompassing picture of your customers' thoughts and needs through review collection with the Reviews.io app, to then turn them into actionable insights for your brand within Salesforce.

Visit our Salesforce page for more information, or if you're a current Salesforce user, go ahead and download the app here.

If you're interested in discussing how reviews can benefit your business, talk to a member of our team today.