With so many innovative methods of communication now available, you might think the humble text message outdated. But in fact, SMS marketing remains one of the most effective ways to connect with your customer base, and when used as part of a broader strategy, can help build engagement, relationships and loyalty.

Whether campaign related or transactional, an SMS is an efficient line of communication. Since a large percentage of the adult population have a mobile phone on them most of the time, it allows you to contact them wherever they are.

It’s direct, it’s personal, and it’s pretty much instant. So what are the benefits for your brand?

The Power of SMS Marketing

For direct to consumer brands in particular, SMS marketing is a powerful tool:

  • It helps you reach a wider audience - though smartphones are ubiquitous, not everyone has them, and those that do may not always be able to receive emails or in-app notifications. An SMS can be received globally by anyone with a mobile phone, regardless of internet connectivity or data pack.
  • You’ll get higher engagement rates - consumers are overwhelmed with email marketing, and on average this only yields a 29% open rate. SMS, on the other hand, has an open rate of over 90%. Recipients see the message as relevant and concise, and are subsequently more inclined to engage with it.
  • You can learn more about your customers - when you incorporate surveys into your SMS marketing, you’ll benefit from that increased engagement, getting great results in a short period of time. The more you understand your audience, the better you can develop your overall marketing strategy.

When is SMS Marketing Most Effective?

SMS marketing can be campaign driven or transactional, used to highlight promotions and rewards, gain customer feedback, or share timely updates.

For transactional messages, an effective strategy ensures customers are updated throughout the entire purchase process. Consider the following touchpoints:

  • Purchase acknowledgement - thank the customer for their business and give them peace of mind that their order has been received.
  • Dispatch and delivery - let them know as soon as their order is dispatched. Follow this up with timely delivery updates, preferably with tracking capability and rescheduling options.
  • Post purchase - once delivery is complete, make sure this is acknowledged on your end, and give options for any failed deliveries. You can also use post purchase messages to ensure everything was received as expected, and to invite the customer to leave either a company or product review.

With all transactional messages, consider timing carefully. You want the customer to know exactly who it’s from and what purchase it relates to.

Why Should Your Brand use SMS Marketing?

Consumers have come to expect more from the brands they buy from. They’re no longer satisfied with impersonal transactions, and now look for authentic experiences.

SMS marketing adds a personal touch. The extra consideration given, particularly throughout the purchase process, strengthens the customer experience, encouraging trust, retention, loyalty and positive word of mouth.

And once a customer is invested in your brand, they’re more likely to leave you glowing feedback. Again, you can use the power of SMS marketing here to drive review collection, with SMS review invites being 3x more effective than email requests.

REVIEWS.io’s price plans all come with our SMS Quick Invites feature, helping you connect with your customers where it counts. Visit our SMS review collection page to find out more, or start your free REVIEWS.io trail today.

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