Coombe Farm Organic takes the spotlight in our latest video Q&A, where marketing manager Lizzie explains how the brand leverages social proof to build trust and intends to sell an experience with the power of authentic customer reviews.
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The Interview

Coombe Farm has been operating as an organic dairy farm for 20 years, but five years ago diversified into the organic meat market.

You may have seen our recent video Q&A with Morphsites, the agency responsible for building Coombe Farm a custom website that allows for full product traceability, an essential part of the brands organic certification.

It was also through Morphsites that Lizzie and the team came to partner up with, and while they’re still exploring all the tools at their disposal, they’ve made great use of our platform's functionality.

As Lizzie explains, social proof banners have enabled them to turn generic text reviews into visually impactful, engaging content:

We use that on our Instagram quite effectively. We like it because it’s so simple. At the click of a button it looks graphically great, and it’s got the stamp, which I think gives a little bit of credibility to it.
Social proof is a driving force of the service, and we’re currently rolling out huge improvements to this feature, offering more options and more control with what is essentially a mini web editing suite for content creation.

A key part of this is being able to carry brand identity through, which has proven invaluable to Coombe Farm:

It’s really important for us. We want all of the content we’re producing to feel like it's’ on brand and belongs to us, and our customers recognise it as something Coombe Farm puts out.

Like many eCommerce brands, they’ve seen a massive influx of custom during 2020. Being set up and able to deliver food straight to the customer’s door, they were well placed to meet what the year had in store, and an increase in custom brings additional benefits, as Lizzie sums up:

Being able to harness that. The sheer scale of the reviews that we’re getting means that we’ve got quite a lot of credibility.

It’s not all been plain sailing, and the team have tackled challenges throughout the pandemic, in particular, meeting the unprecedented rise in demand, fulfilling orders and maintaining standards of service:

We’re a farm that focuses on growing our own produce, from field to fork. We can't speed up that process or magic any more stock out of the air. What we have is what we have, so our biggest challenge was trying to keep things in stock and make sure it got to customers as promised.

For a brand that operates a next day delivery service, the logistics were an added pressure. What Lizzie highlights here is how reviews are beneficial from another perspective.

Not all customers feel it necessary to make direct contact in light of an issue, but may vent their frustrations on a review platform. Where this is the case, there’s the opportunity to turn negative feedback into a positive outcome:

That allows us to pick up on any customers that maybe weren’t as satisfied, make contact with them and try to resolve it. We want to maintain that really positive score we've got and we want to make sure no customers slip through the gaps and feel like their issue hasn’t been resolved.

Moving forward, Lizzie and the team are excited to explore the wealth of opportunity with the platform, focusing on building trust and amplifying marketing messages with authentic user generated content.

Something else Lizzie is keen to focus on is sharing the customer experience:

We put a lot of care into making sure our orders arrive in good condition, but also they look great when you open them. It’s an exciting day for our customers when they’re order arrives, so I think there’s an opportunity there to share unboxing videos through reviews.

These Q&A’s are a two way conversation, and give customers the chance to address any concerns they may have. In this instance, Lizzie raised the subject of SEO benefits, after a Trustpilot rep informed her ours were limited.

As an assurance to all customers, Trustpilot’s claims are completely fabricated. Both platforms are Google Licensed Partners, and both work in exactly the same way to boost your online visibility. It’s nothing more than a calculated sales tactic.

Thanks to Lizzie for chatting to us. Coombe Farm Organic delivers ethically sourced, organically certified produce across the UK. Check out what customers think on the Coombe Farm Organic profile page.

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