The Tight Spot have greater consumer engagement and boosted conversion since implementing Product Review collection, publication and management with!
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Since joining, The Tight Spot have proudly collected nearly 600 Product Reviews as of writing, and as a result have seen the power on-site reviews can have not only on their bottom line, but with their consumer community too. I got in touch to find out how they are making the most of their user-generated content.

Who Are The Tight Spot?

The Tight Spot are an online hosiery store, stocking best selling brands with the most fashionable - as well as the most comfortable - everyday lines. Because of the nature of the products they sell, customers aren't able to "try-before-they-buy", thus The Tight Spot pride themselves on offering their customers the most detailed information for every single product, to make each purchase a perfect fit.

Due to such dedicated customer care, The Tight Spot wanted to enhance their customer's journey further, and thus began their search for a review platform who could offer them just that. suited their needs down to a T, and ever since joining our platform they have reaped some great review rewards.

Well-Defined Purchases

The Tight Spot kicked off their review strategy by implementing Product Review collection, and utilised's badges and widgets to display their customer Product Reviews on their individual product pages.

Not only can The Tight Spot's customers read the manufacturers specifications, they also have the added value of consumer-tested opinions. User-generated content alongside products reduces error with the issue of not being able to "try-before-you-buy": have helped particularly in making sure the sizing information is correct...if the product runs large/small or tall etc or if the size chart is misleading, we can then add this info to the product description or update the size chart.

Sophie Piazza, The Tight Spot

In essence, reviews enable companies to help their customers, help their business. Happier purchases come from more-informed customers. These purchases and the customer's voice are then displayed on-site, and with a few clicks those stars can also show in Google listings. Fantastic feedback attracts more customer's, therefore more sales, reviews, and well-defined products.

Just the process that The Tight Spot were looking for, in order to provide their customers with the best.

Highlight Your Praises badges and widgets are the most simple and effective way to highlight company and product reviews across a website, and with a vast array to choose from, every business' needs and requirements can be met. The Tight Spot utilise the space-saving dropdown widget, allowing for instant recognition of how good their service is in the form of stars and review total, but at the click of a button, customers can also find out in great detail why as well.

Optimum Customer Experiences

The Tight Spot have seen further benefits from collecting and displaying their Product Reviews. In addition to showcasing their great customer feedback, The Tight Spot also work forward from their customer comments to continually develop their products:

"Product reviews are useful for finding what other colours or styles customers are looking for. For example on one product, a few customers said they'd like to see more colours as they love the product. We sent this to the manufactures, who have now released 3 new seasonal colours for Autumn/Winter. We query any issues raised by customers with the manufacturers. It's something that the manufacturers appreciate too as often they only deal business to business and don't hear the customer reviews so much."

Sophie Piazza, The Tight Spot

The Tight Spot clearly value their customers, and what better way to make sure they always receive top quality products than to listen to and utilise their customer's voice. After all, the customer is always right!

Reviews enable businesses to pinpoint potentially unseen flaws within their services or products, with both positive and negative feedback only offering growth.

Improved Conversion

With their reviews published on-site, and their customer base's expectations fully satisfied, The Tight Spot have seen a boost in their on-page conversions, by up to 30%!

"Conversion has increased since we started displaying reviews on the home page and product pages...sometimes up to 30%...especially for products that have a lot of reviews."

Sophie Piazza, The Tight Spot

As The Tight Spot has found, through the publication of Product Reviews and the implementation of Rich Snippets, online visibility in organic Google results pages increases, and social proof is established driving traffic and greater on-page conversions.

If a company knows what they're offering is great, and their customers think their services are great - they should be telling and showing the world how fantastic they are! That's exactly what The Tight Spot achieved and continue to reap the rewards from, and what continues to do for businesses large and small.

Starting your review journey is simple

Finally, after hearing how great The Tight Spot were doing and how they were making the most from their reviews, I wanted to find out what else were doing right for their business, and take a leaf from their book to see if they could offer any insights for improvement:

"We like the ease of use of the portal as well as the help pages and support service. This make very easy to deal with. I think many people are concerned that it will take a long time to get a good number of reviews to make the investment/time worthwhile, however we found reviews started to build up very quickly. is simple to get started with and uses a transparent, clearly-presented system that works very well. We were surprised at how quickly we racked up reviews, which was something we were concerned about when initially starting this process. A great addition to The Tight Spot site that our customers love."

Sophie Piazza, The Tight Spot

At we put our client's necessities at the core of our features, solutions and services, ensuring the collection, publication and management of Company, Product and Local Reviews is a streamlined experience. Everything can be accessed and managed from one dashboard (portal), saving businesses time and energy to stay on top of their reviews and utilise them to their full potential.

Although every business is different, it really is quick and simple to start collecting reviews, and as The Tight Spot state, companies of any size can build their reviews promptly. helps kickstart this process offering a Review Booster to all clients. The Review Booster enables the power of retrospective review collection, meaning companies can send review invitations to their past customers; a reviews helping hand that sees no experience goes to waste.

Case study summary

Overall, The Tight Spot have been able to heighten their presence in organic Google listings, enhance their on-page conversions by an impressive 30%, and most importantly create a wholesome and valued customer journey which they continually work from, all from the seemingly humble Product Review.

By improving your review reach on your own site and across Google, you help retain customers, promoting greater conversion and ultimately your bottom line. Improved review visibility also helps your business stand out from competitors without stars in the listings, increasing your traffic and once again seeing the former benefits.

To find out how can facilitate a host of review rewards for your business, head to our homepage.

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