Many find themselves getting overwhelmed by the number of apps and services online aimed at helping their business, but with a straightforward and streamlined review management solution, we can help you relieve some of the stress.
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Technology overload

There is an ever-increasing pile of apps, services, and integration technology designed to aid your business' web creation and development; online and offline advertising and marketing; customer interactions, experience and journey; email campaigns; analytics; lead generation, and so forth. The list is endless and just writing it is exhausting, let alone trying to manage each service and make sure it is optimised for your business.

Technology has taken over, and there's no stopping it. If you're having problems with a shopping plugin, there's an app to make things easier, and if that plugin isn't optimised, there's another app you can attach to it to improve streamlining. We live in a world of plugin Russian Dolls, and it's easy to feel like you're sinking deeper trying to stay on top of them all.

We don't claim to be able to eradicate all these services from your life, but we do guarantee an experience that will reduce your review collection workload, as well as put a smile on your face from all the benefits you'll start reaping, minus the hassle.

Review collection, publication & management

With you don't need to be perfecting your balancing act, you have everything you need to effortlessly collect, showcase, and keep on top of your reviews as and when they come in, all on one pain-free dashboard.

The Reviews Dashboard includes:

  • Your Reviews Timeline
  • Reporting
  • Invitations
  • Company and Product Setup
  • Other Settings and a Support Centre
  • Plus your Company Account


The timeline lets you see your reviews in real-time. From here you can click on reviews to respond to them privately and publicly if necessary, as well as the option to ask your customers to revise their review if you've resolved any issues. You can see in your timeline all of your Company, Product or Local Reviews, as well as highlighted complaints so you can take swift action.


You can see an overview of your reputation and review timeline, as well as run analyses with our Insights feature. Insights pulls out all your customers' keywords from their reviews to gain deeper understanding into certain aspects of your services such as delivery and pricing.


The Invitations tab means you can manage and customise your email and sms invitation templates and review collector page. With invitations that match your brand, you create a cohesive collection experience, and improve your review conversion.

You can also access your review invitation history, and reassign and resend your emails to give your customers a gentle reminder, as well as access your Review Booster. The Review Booster enables you to contact your past customers, to help give your collection a little push when you begin!

Company & Product Setup

These tabs are where you can manage your review publication, as well as implement Review Rich Snippets on your website. By publishing your reviews using our SEO friendly badges and widgets to your website, you improve your position in Google SERP's. With your reviews improving your visibility, you ultimately see greater conversion, and more in the bank.

Settings & support

One pertinent setting you can control is your review notifications and alerts. From here you can decide which reviews you are alerted to when they arrive. This feature is most helpful in order to keep an eye on any negative reviews. An unhappy customer left waiting for resolution is not ideal, therefore you can sort out any issues there and then, to hopefully turn that frown into a smile.

We also have a Support Centre, should you have any questions or experience a hiccup, which provides technical yet easy-to-read guides to help get you back on track.

Company account

From here you can edit the details of your Company Profile Page on our website, allowing your customers to inform themselves with the most up-to-date information, read all your reviews, as well as click an accessible link to your site providing you greater reach.

Seller Ratings and stars

The most influential way you can improve your online reach is by getting your Seller Ratings and stars in Google. This may sound extremely fiddly, or like a lot of work on your behalf - as is the essence of this post, fuss is not what you need - but you're actually unable to get this visibility when you collect reviews independently.

Google licensed Review Partners such as ourselves enable your well-earned Seller Ratings, created from your Company Reviews, to appear in the Google SERPs both in your Google Ads, as well as your stars in organic searches. This instantly cements trust in your brand over competitors, with reviews influencing 22% greater traffic and 79% more leads than those without.

Your reviews help inform your customers of your services there and then, creating greater click-through rates and thus conversion. The only leg work you have to do is fill in the form to sign up, and once you're onboard you can oversee everything from the Dashboard.

Local Reviews

With the Dashboard providing you ease of access for all your review needs, our Local Reviews solution extends that ease across the web. Unique to, you can collect reviews on channels such as Google Local, Facebook, or Tripadvisor, and all it takes is the click of a few buttons!

Collecting reviews across a multitude of areas on the web is important, because whether you're collecting there or not, individuals will leave reviews on these channels. With no management over these reviews, and organic reviews being more of a negative nature, you loose control of your online reputation. You may have a reputable score of 4/5, yet with a handful of 1 or 2 star reviews left on Facebook or Houzz, your well-earned score is dragged down. Does that seem fair?

It doesn't to us, so that's why we offer you the opportunity to collect on these channels, putting you back in charge, with a consistent and solid reputation. You can actively decide what percentage of your review invitations you'd like to send to these local sites, as well as manage the percentage between places such as Yelp, Google, and Tripadvisor. With your newly secured reputation, your customers' faith will be restored, and your brand's image back on top.

Our customers say it best

Still not sold? We'll let our customers do the talking. We rate mostly highly across the board compared to our competitors on G2Crowd, and of those categories we excel in ease of use, setup, admin, and overall business interactions.

Blog summary

Review collection shouldn't be a nuisance, and shouldn't leave you pulling your hair out. If you're finding yourself at the end of your tether, head to our homepage to see how our great solutions can ease your stress, letting you focus on the important things.

Our streamlined dashboard won't leave you reaching for a handful of plugins or apps to rectify problems, however if you do run into any issues, our customer service and full developer support are always at hand. We also integrate with a vast amount of modules, such as Shopify, Woocommerce and Opencart, so you won't need to add any more tech to your increasing collection.

Don't get overwhelmed with the technology overload we live in today, subscribe to simple, easy, and streamlined review collection services. Our platform puts you back in the driving seat of your review strategy, no waffle, no fuss, no worries.

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