The modern-day shopper is different from that of 10 years ago. They have witnessed the shift in power from business to customers and demand convenience, choice and a competitive price.
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However, while the way in which they shop may have changed following an abundance of online stores, mobile apps and next day delivery options, word of mouth remains one of the oldest and most powerful business tools for brands. The trick for businesses is understanding how they can cut through the competition, protect their online reputation and leverage this almighty technique to boost their sales and build a loyal audience.

The struggle of the consumer and brand

Confronted with so much choice, customers can be left feeling overwhelmed when searching for items online if they don’t have a specific brand in mind. If you’ve ever typed something into your search bar and found yourself feeling more confused five minutes later than when you started your search then you’ll know the feeling.

Do you use Fabletics? Asos, Under Armour or Gymshark?

This sheer volume of search results means that businesses ultimately have to shout louder than their competitors to ensure their products and services are in with a chance of being considered. But this can then lead to some customers choosing a brand with a higher advertising budget rather than a more suitable product. Seems unfair when your product was what they were looking for all along, right?

Before you despair, know that times are changing and modern-day word of mouth via reviews and friends’ social media recommendations are playing an increasingly large role in buyer behaviour. In fact, 66% of people globally trust consumer opinions posted online and 70% confirm they trust advertising formats on brands’ websites.

With word of mouth generating twice as many sales as paid ads, it’s incredible then to know that only a third of businesses are actively seeking and collecting reviews. The takeout: Not only can showcasing glowing reviews lead to more sales and happy customers, but they can also get you ahead of your competition if they are not yet taking advantage of users’ own experiences.

Eyes are instantly drawn to results with stars as these companies and products have clearly already been tried and tested. Stars narrow a search, funneling consumer attention and clicks.

So, where and how do you go about collecting and sharing your reviews?

Convenience is crucial for modern-day buyers whose time is usually limited. So, providing multiple ways for them to leave feedback from their shopping experience is therefore key.

Collect reviews via email, SMS and In-store at the point of purchase using our review solution. Some companies even offer incentives, such as a discount on a subsequent purchase, but 77% of individuals state that they are willing to write a review if simply asked. This could be due to our innate nature to want to give back because of how good we feel when we help others.

Just as customers need convenience, your business needs the flexibility to ensure you approach them in the most appropriate manner for feedback. Catch a customer at the right time after their purchase and their review could convince another person to buy.

Once reviews are collected, you can manage and publish them on your website and social media profiles to build social proof of your company’s authenticity and credibility. With the abundance of information online, it’s no wonder 62% of consumers are actively searching online for reviews and information before purchasing a product. Being able to manage everything from one central point, such as the dashboard makes this super simple and takes little time out of your day.

By showcasing your customer reviews, not only are you bolstering your marketing message and building trust online but you also simultaneously support your Google ad spend. is a Google licensed review partner, which enables us to transform your reviews into star ratings that are displayed with your Google ads. These seller star ratings are proven to increase clicks and traffic to your website, resulting in savings of 17% on PPC spend.

Blog summary

Whether you’re new to the business world, are well-established in your city or are an international household name, the value of word of mouth marketing and reviews are invaluable for all companies.

Customers respect the honesty of brands willing to share feedback from previous buyers and are often more willing to take a bet on new brands based on this alone.

Ensure that you approach your customers in the most appropriate way for feedback and share the results on your website, social media profiles and Google Ads.

We’d be delighted to discuss this further with you and support you in growing your online presence, just give a member of the team a call today. Alternatively, find other articles for further inspiration on our blog.

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