Our innovative Merchant Metrics feature is designed to enhance buyer journeys to inform shopping decisions, using proven and authentic customer feedback.
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What is Merchant Metrics?

At a glance, Merchant Metrics enables you to pull out essential company information, such as accuracy of delivery time-frames and enquiry response windows, collated from real people and their experiences.

The Value of Merchant Metrics

Service information provided by companies can be sometimes more of a guide than reflective of real customer experiences.  This often leaves customers on the fence about whether to purchase based on the information they have to hand.

Without Merchant Metrics, customers may be left disappointed with "expected" time-frames or response rates across a range of services. Real experiences from previous customers enable them to make smarter buying decisions, resulting in fewer returns and complaints.

Not only that, to find said information we normally have to dig deep on a company's site, reading the small print and navigating through FAQ's, even talking to a member of their team directly to maybe determine - and that's a strong 'maybe' - if their service will fit our specific needs.

For example, businesses may aim to get your order with you between 3-5 working days, but from customer experience, the vast majority received their deliveries over 7. Merchant Metrics can therefore help shoppers quickly determine whether that particular company is going to suit them, or if they need to look elsewhere.

As a business you may be feeling a little short-changed, especially in the knowledge Merchant Metrics could push shoppers away. But that's not the case, and is actually the beauty of it. It's not just shoppers who benefit, as Merchant Metrics enables your business to put a magnifying glass up to certain aspects of your service.

Insights into authentic involvement with a brand allows your business to reinforce and retain current practice to delight customers, or, if areas aren't meeting expectations, you can make improvements to rise to what you were aspiring to offer, as well as amend information to reflect what customers are saying.

How does Merchant Metrics work?

Merchant Metrics data is created from customer reviews. When individuals write specific sentiments within their review - such as customer service - attribute questions regarding the topic are asked. Reviewers then have the opportunity to fill in the fields, such as channel of communication, the time it took for their queries to be answered or addressed, as well as the overall level of care for customer service.

The average is found, and with enough review information, a clear picture is built for that company's actual services, which may or may not match their own information and/or values. Merchant Metrics is also impartial, and therefore trusted by consumers more, which only helps to build trust for brands.

Merchant Metrics data is not only displayed alongside company profile pages for shopper consumption, but is also displayed within a business' Reviews.io dashboard. Having dynamic Merchant Metrics at your fingertips helps facilitate positive change, to go above and beyond for customers, and live up to expectations.

Google themselves have recently updated their Seller Ratings to include delivery and customer information, similarly to Merchant Metrics. Their updates emphasise the value of rich company information within an initial search, to educate shoppers quickly and efficiently.

Blog summary

Our cutting edge Merchant Metrics feature offers customers the chance to leave extra feedback for their experience for delivery, ease of returns, and product and service care alongside their review. This enables shoppers to garner deeper information regarding businesses of interest, to whittle down their shopping shortlist.

In return, businesses can use such information collated from their loyal customers to improve their service, and excel within their industry, to make sure they stay at the top of shopper shortlists.

For more information regarding Merchant Metrics, talk to a member of our team, or to find out more about our great solutions, visit our website and see how we can benefit your business today.

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