It’s all about the user experience in the first ever episode of the eCommerce Rocketship. Rich Himsworth, Founder and CEO of conversion optimisation company Salesfire, offers some top advice on how to enhance your online store for maximum sales potential.
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Salesfire has been providing cost effective SaaS solutions to eCommerce clients since 2017, including behavioural overlays designed for customer retention, intelligent site search and upselling recommendations. In a shift from the agency model, Salesfire’s services are built on best practice conversion techniques made to increase revenue for minimal outlay.

Paid social seems to be the thing at the moment, in terms of driving traffic and fairly cheap traffic of the back of like Facebook and Instagram

Rich Himsworth, CEO

Key highlights:

00:00-07:00 - Introduction and background of Sales fire

Rich is the CEO and founder of Sales fire which is a sales optimisation company in Middlesborough growing over the past few years. Founded by seeing the opportunity of agencies to produce bespoke solutions for customers at low prices. Sales fire look at conversion on their site, and the biggest company they deal with got them a turnover of 120 million. Sales fire have come to terms with anyone going through a search is 67% more linkely to buy the product or service thant those that don’t.

07:00-15:00 - Growth of the business

Sales fire have grown hugely, but had the chance to test idea and implement things at the right time which they struggled with at the start. Thinking of expanding there culture into other countries like have done. Go to site for Sales fire is Tidwatches when devleoping as they have always been invested in photography aswell as working on the psychological perspective and successful retargetting campaigns.

15:00- 21:00 - Marketing impacts and trends

Speed is significantly important to Sales fire as it has been made evident through Amazon statistics that there is a huge turnover increase when sites are running fast. Paymmet options are huge but working with Klarna has been great with accessibility. In terms of ecommerce, paid socials is seen to be very competitive and remarketing is a huge thing and further backing up marketing through reviews.

21:00-Business success

Sales fire believes they do not want to fully take on footsteps of any book or article, go their own way, have many mentors they look towards for inspiration. Many people around them for help and influence like visual software and in terms of marketing. Sales fire will have taken a risk sooner by sitting down with agencies for too long but will always have been a learning curve throughout the gorwth of the business.

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