Librio are an online business that sell personalised books for children. Using the child's own characteristics and making a protagonist that resembles them, Librio create immersive and engaging stories that promise to delight and enthrall.

The best businesses don't just sell products, they sell experiences. One such company is Librio. From the moment you land on their site, you're transported to another World - one of childlike joy and adventure.

The innocence and excitement of Librio's books is mirrored across every aspect of their site. From the hand-drawn illustrations and thoughtful customer testimonials to the character personalisation and book previews, it's a truly engaging online experience.

Operating solely online, the experience Librio provides is all part of the sales process. In order to really capture the enchantment of the books themselves, Librio go above and beyond to make buying with them fun - even for the adults. Customer Care emails are 'written' by characters that feature in the story, which Librio believe creates a more human, lighthearted form of communication.

And of course - as with all companies operating solely online - customer reviews play an extremely important role in building trust and customer confidence.

"Our customers can’t try out our products in an offline environment before committing to a purchase and, due to the personalised created-just-for-your-child nature of our products, they can’t return the item if they don’t like it, so they need to make their decision based purely on our web presence and reputation is a vital part of that." -Ed Russell, CEO at Librio

Today we're taking a look at how Librio worked with the team here at to create a custom, multi-lingual solution to meet their needs.

The Challenge

After receiving an overwhelming response to a customer survey they sent our post Christmas in 2017, Librio wanted to find a way of showcasing customer feedback on their site.

Librio knew that primarily, they wanted a Review Partner that would enable them to display stars across Google. As a start up, price was important as was the look and feel of the Review Platform itself - Librio wanted something as fresh and modern as their own business.

But most importantly was customisation. Librio has extremely strong branding and it was highly important for them to be able to keep even their review requests consistent with the magic they'd created in their books and on site.

They also needed their reviews platform to be able to operate in multiple languages, including German.

The Solution

Even with their rather long list of requirements, Librio found an eager team of customer success staff and developers more than willing to take on the challenge at

"We looked at multiple options and were persuaded by because they wanted to work with us as partners rather than as service providers. We were astonished to find they were willing to translate the whole platform into German for us. This is unprecedented in our experience and totally unexpected - Ed Russell, CEO at Librio" understand the importance of branding. Our fully-customisable email templates enabled Librio to use an animated image, brand colours and logos to make their review invitations just as enchanting as their books.

It was essential for Librio to be able to invite customers from across the globe to both leave them a review and access reviews left by other customers. In order to make this possible, extended their language capabilities to identify the location of the reviewer on Librio's Collection pages and automatically translated the text accordingly. We also customised the Html across the widgets to offer Librio widgets in different languages for their German, Spanish and UK sites.

This means that when landing on Librio's German site, a customer will see only German reviews in a German widget. And, should they visit the collector page on, will be shown a German collector page, with all information in German and German reviews. The same principle applies to Spanish and English customers.



Librio have now collected over 2,100 reviews across three languages, with an average rating of 4.9 stars, which they are able to showcase across their site and the web.

Librio's custom, multi-lingual review solution has helped them continue to grow. In the four months that followed their integration with, conversion rates doubled, evidence of the increase in social proof and confidence customers felt when visiting the site.

Final Words

Librio aim to provide an immersive experience from start to finish, and customers testimonials are key in bringing this to life. have thoroughly enjoyed providing Librio with a solution that meets their unique needs. It's a real pleasure to have been chosen as a partner for such a magical company and we look forward to growing and adapting their custom solution as their story continues.

"As a start up, we were looking for a reviews provider which allowed us to communicate in our own way while still providing us with an enterprise-level product to ensure that all-so-important Google seller rating. In, we found precisely that. A flexible, robust platform which scales as we grow and does so at a price which knocks the pants off the exorbitant competition." Ed Russell, CEO at Librio

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