FeelSummer are Mallorca's leading ticket providers. Their experienced holiday reps, Guides and Web Specialists have created an easy way for tourists to reserve their place at the best events in Magaluf, Palma, Arenal and more. Combining competitive prices and expert knowledge, with FeelSummer customers are guaranteed the holiday of a lifetime.
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Booking a holiday can be a big deal, especially when it's to somewhere as renowned as Mallorca. A trip to the island should be an unforgettable experience - FeelSummer help make that happen.

Their easy-to-navigate website is host to an array of amazing events and excursions, making it easy for customers to add the final flourish to their vacation.

From start to finish, FeelSummer make planning the perfect holiday add-ons a breeze. Their Events calendar helps customers see what's happening when at a glance, and bold pricing provides complete transparency.

But FeelSummer don't just sell tickets. They double up as Magaluf's clubbing guide, so even if you don't know what you're looking for when you land on their site, you're bound to soon find out. The comprehensive articles cover everything from the 'Best Hotels' to 'The Top 10 Things To Do In Magaluf'. This in-depth information pits FeelSummer as an authority on all things Magaluf, making customers more confident and trustworthy of their services than ever.

Quite simply, FeelSummer go above and beyond to provide an unrivalled event experience. Striving to make every customer's holiday to Mallorca one to remember, they often throw in secret surprises on the house to add the cherry on top. It's this excellent service from site to event - along with their 100s of positive reviews - that make them the first choice when it comes to booking events across Mallorca.

The Challenge

FeelSummer recongised the pressure consumers are under to book holiday events that don't disappoint. Often having little-to-no experience of the location they're heading in, trust signals are paramount in order to build confidence online.

"Customers travelling to Mallorca next summer may have never visited www.FeelSummer.com or even know we exist. With this in mind, we deem it important that when customers visit our website, they not only see our 5 STARS but also our past customer comments on why to book their event tickets with Feelsummer.com."

Mark Bottomley,Managing Director

Feelsummer Online Ltd

Detailed reviews, citing how amazing the events were, or how easy the booking process was, would greatly help bring the events to life and increase customer desire.

FeelSummer had also noticed a rise in the number of websites selling fake tickets at heavily discounted prices. This fraudulent behaviour was building distrust in the events space, which FeelSummer wanted to completely dissociate themselves from.

In order to do this, they knew they needed to start collecting real, authentic feedback which they could then showcase on their site. The authenticity of the review was paramount in proving their reliability in the cautious marketplace.

Reputation was extremely important and FeelSummer wanted a Review Platform that offered as attentive a customer service as its own. As a modern business, they also wanted to be able to experiment with some cool technological features, such as an API. Of course, just like their own pricing strategy, they didn't want to be overcharged for what they were getting either.

The Solution

Having never used a Review Platform before, FeelSummer did their research, and, after speaking to our team, knew Reviews.io was the best solution on the market.

They quickly got set up with a review invitation email in order to start collecting feedback. Using our customisable templates, they were able to add branding and a short, compelling block of copy to entice their customers to leave them a review.

Using the reviews they collected, they've dedicated a whole page of their website to showcasing customer feedback. This was made effortless using our Full-Page Widget, which can be installed at the click of a button. In order to build even more authority across multiple customer touchpoints, FeelSummer have also used a Vertical Widget on their homepage to highlight some of their best feedback to date.

With such a young target audience, FeelSummer need to showcase authority on the platforms their customers are likely to use most. Facebook is the biggest social media site, with more than two billion people using it every month. Using Reviews.io Facebook widget, they were able to build social proof on the site by showcasing their feedback. Additionally, our Local Review Collection means they can automatically send 50% of their reviews to leave feedback on their Facebook Page, giving them a consistent reputation where it matters most.


FeelSummer have made a great effort to rebuild trust in the online events space. They have collected over 100 reviews in just a matter of months, over 9&% of which are 5 stars! This has given them an overall rating of 4.9/5, an undisputable trust signal for their customers.


"The fact that customers can now read positive reviews from the website has helped dramatically. It's the only real way to stand out amongst what's now becoming a saturated online market."

Mark Bottomley,Managing Director

Feelsummer Online Ltd

With so many amazing customer testimonials having their back, FeelSummer's customers are now truly able to believe what they see on their site, and buy with 100% confidence.

Final Words

Holidays are not only a monetary investment, but the time, effort, and excitement that go into them make them risky business. FeelSummer, with their indisputable knowledge, seamless website, and now, indisputable reviews, help them build trust and buyer-confidence from the offset.

They're the #1 place to go for party-destination tickets, and really, it's no wonder. Kudos, FeelSummer.

Now it's your turn. Get in touch with a member of our team today to discover how you too can use reviews to build trust & stand out amongst your competitors.

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