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Giesswein, a leading footwear brand, has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to improving their review management process. By partnering with REVIEWS.io and Mailody, Giesswein was able to implement a more efficient and streamlined approach to managing their customer reviews. The results were truly impressive, with the brand experiencing significant savings in time and resources, while also enjoying a noticeable boost in review quality. This case study provides an in-depth look at Giesswein's successful journey, offering valuable insights for other businesses looking to optimize their review-related tasks.

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The Challenge

Giesswein has long relied on customer ratings as a cornerstone of its marketing strategy, generating reviews across multiple platforms. Seeking to streamline and optimize their approach, the company recently migrated with the help of their agency Mailody to REVIEWS.io with several key goals in mind. By consolidating all review-related tasks into a single tool, Giesswein aimed to achieve cost savings and a more efficient workflow. REVIEWS.io allows the company to collect and manage all reviews in one place, while also sending email invitations with our integration to Klaviyo.

Additionally, Giesswein sought to implement product reviews to boost individual conversions and collect more targeted feedback. As a family-owned Austrian business that prioritizes eco-friendly and ethical production standards, Giesswein is a well-known name in Europe, dedicated to reinventing wool through innovative products that harness the material's unique properties.

The Solution

Our partner agency Mailody, which already has extensive knowledge of our product, implemented a powerful process to achieve Giesswein’s Goals that can be broken down into several key steps.

Step 1 required sending review requests directly from the Klaviyo email tool using REVIEWS.io’s dynamic link. This allows Giesswein to design review requests in the same brand style as other emails, and to have greater control over the delivery rate of review requests, ensuring that requests are delivered to all relevant platforms.

Step 2 involved managing different review platforms. Giesswein has set up a weighting together with Mailody so that review requests are sent out to REVIEWS.io, Trustpilot, and Google in a set ratio, ensuring that the company has a strong presence across multiple platforms. With our unique Reputation Manager this is an easy and powerful way to ensure that ratings stay consitent.

Step 3 consisted of creating a feedback loop back into Klaviyo. This means that Giesswein knows exactly which customers have submitted positive or negative reviews, and can respond accordingly.

Step 4 incorporated visualising reviews in emails. This can be done dynamically using different parameters, such as the number of reviews and the review score. Alternatively, reviews can be played directly in all flows in Klaviyo where products are dynamically shown, such as in abandoned cart flows.

Step 5 involved increasing trust on product pages. Giesswein implemented product ratings on product pages to increase trust.

Overall, the implementation of REVIEWS.io has been highly successful for Giesswein. The company has generated 18,350 company reviews with a rating of 4.65, and 7,244 product reviews with a rating of 4.73, achieving an increase in revenue per visitor by 5.2%. If you are looking to implement REVIEWS.io, try it free for 14 days today.

In conclusion, Giesswein's partnership with REVIEWS.io and Mailody has been highly successful in achieving their goals of streamlining and optimizing their review-related tasks. The powerful process implemented by Mailody involved multiple steps that all targeted towards cost savings, efficient workflows and boosting conversion rates. If you need a similar solution get in touch with us or our partner agency Mailody.

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