Our unique Local Reviews solution is now available for all businesses as a bolt-on feature, which can enhance the review journey and brand image across the web by collecting reviews on Google Local!
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Google Local

We're proud to announce that Third Party Review Site, Google Local, has arrived as a bolt-on feature. Not only can you collect your reviews and get your Seller Ratings in your Google Ads, but any company who selects the bolt on, can now direct customers to leave a review on Google Local, helping to increase visibility in the SERPs!

Because Google is the primary source where customers will find reviews in the form of stars online, we felt it imperative for all businesses to maintain a consistent reputation on this channel. With over 64% of searches made using Google, it is salient not only for a company's Seller Ratings to appear in the SERPs, but for any local enquiries to appear with uniformed ratings too.

Local Review sites

Although under the same name, any reviews left on Google Local do not contribute towards Seller Ratings which appear in Google Ads. Google Local is considered a Local Review site, which means anyone can jump online and leave a review for a company, whether shining or scathing. Not only that, but the reviews left here, unlike company reviews published with a Google-licensed review partner like Reviews.io, are unverified.

These reviews tend to be more negative in nature, as organic reviews such as these are written to vent frustrations, which may be left unfairly without the chance of rectification from your company. As you can imagine, reviews like these only damage your online reputation, which is the opposite of what review collection should do for your business.

Reputation management

Whether you're collecting reviews or customers are organically leaving them online, these need to be great and consistent in order to best maintain your reputation online.

If a customer sees your wonderful Seller Ratings and then glances to your lack-lustre Google Local score, they may become dubious to your credibility, and even the reviews left. This is harmful for your image, traffic to your site, and overall revenue.

All is not lost, as REVIEWS.io have the solution! Users who select the bolt-on feaure can invite customers to leave reviews on Google Local, meaning your business can take control of the reviews left here, and ultimately improve your ratings which appear in the Google SERPs. Similarly to sending customers an invitation via email asking for a review, a percentage of those customers will be directed to Google Local, where their review will be published.

Reviews left on Google Local can only be left by individuals with a Gmail account. So what happens if customers are sent there who don't have one? Not to worry! Our system automatically determines which of your customers do and don't have Gmail addresses, and only these users will be requested to leave a review on Google Local, meaning none of your invitations, and thus reviews, go to waste!

Blog summary

Through our unique Local Reviews solution now available as a bolt-on feature, your company's fantastic Seller Ratings, for example 4.7 in your Google Ads, may equally be matched with a 4.5 rating in Google Local.

By getting your reviews across the Google SERPs, any future customer can instantly see that what your patrons say about your business is consistent and can be trusted, helping to establish greater social proof and visibility, which only positively influences your click-through rates, conversion, and revenue.

We don't believe the benefits above should cost your company the earth either, that's why we only offer fair and transparent plans on monthly rolling contracts, meaning not only will your wallet be a little heavier each month, but you're never tied-down.

You can also collect on other Local Review sites such as Facebook, Tripadvisor, and Yelp to further enhance your visibility and reputation online.

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