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As part of the wider AppHub ecosystem, both and Address Validator provide essential E-commerce solutions. Address Validator enhances operational efficiency, ensuring accurate deliveries every time. Meanwhile, helps build strong customer relationships through genuine feedback. Together, they elevate the online shopping experience, driving satisfaction and loyalty.

Today, we're showcasing the integration of these two pivotal tools: Address Validator (AV) and, within BOXRAW’s tech stack. This case study demonstrates how these applications have not only optimized BOXRAW's operational efficiencies but also significantly elevated the customer experience on their platform.

Discover how in just 30 days, BOXRAW used and Address Validator to validate 30% of addresses while simultaneously accumulating 350 reviews, of which an overwhelming 98% of these reviews express positive sentiments, with an equal 98% highlighting BOXRAW's on-time delivery.


BOXRAW is a boxing equipment and sportswear brand driven by a passion to inspire the world to embrace the sport of boxing. With a mission to be the reason the world gets into boxing, BOXRAW transcends the traditional boundaries of a sportswear brand to become a movement, encouraging individuals to pursue greatness through discipline and perseverance.

Their journey from a budding startup to a key player in the boxing equipment and sportswear market is a testament to their innovative approach to online retail. 

The Challenge: Ensuring Accuracy & Building Trust

As BOXRAW expanded, the brand faced two primary challenges: ensuring accurate delivery addresses and building customer trust.

Before integrating Address Validator, BOXRAW faced significant challenges with address-related errors during the checkout process. These errors often led to undeliverable orders, costly returns, and a cumbersome manual intervention process involving customer service and warehouse teams.

Additionally, as a new brand in the market, establishing credibility and trust among potential customers was paramount for BOXRAW. In an industry dominated by established giants, the success of a new brand depends heavily on its ability to swiftly build trust through reviews and user-generated content (UGC) within its target market.

Solution #1: Address Validator to Reduce Failed Deliveries

BOXRAW's first step towards optimization was integrating Address Validator into their checkout process. This tool automatically corrects and validates addresses entered by customers, reducing the need for manual correction and preventing delivery errors.

We spoke with Nathan Pugsley, the Head of Digital at BOXRAW who noted that Address Validator has become a new standard at BOXRAW, streamlining the logistics process and significantly reducing the rate of failed deliveries. By automating this aspect of the checkout process, BOXRAW has been able to enhance delivery accuracy and improve overall operational efficiency.

The result is that the customers receive their package earlier. BOXRAW has gained many reviews praising their fast shipping and quick delivery.

Solution #2: for Building Trust & Brand Engagement

To address the challenge of building customer trust, BOXRAW partnered with from the onset. This integration allowed BOXRAW to collect and display genuine customer reviews, providing social proof, and UGC to enhance trust among potential buyers.

Nathan emphasized the importance of reviews in improving conversion rates, showcasing UGC, and increasing trust.

He also highlighted the significance of customer reviews for E-commerce sites, stating, “Reviews serve crucial purposes: they enhance conversion rates, display user-generated content (UGC), and increase trust - especially important when we were a new brand and people hadn’t heard of us. Leveraging reviews has been an effective strategy for BOXRAW.”.

Moreover, the feedback gathered through has been instrumental in enhancing product quality and customer service, further solidifying BOXRAW's commitment to the overall brand experience.

He added “the feedback that we get from reviews gets shared with the relevant department. So if that might be product-specific feedback, if there are any faults or improvements there, that'll get sent directly to the product team. Our customer service team does monitor reviews, more specifically, negative reviews. And we're always making sure that we respond to them, just to try and turn around any negative experience into a positive one.”

Combined Benefits Of Address Validator And A Streamlined Customer Journey

Combining Address Validator and has provided BOXRAW with a comprehensive solution that enhances the customer journey from product delivery to post-purchase satisfaction. Address Validator ensures a smooth checkout experience by preventing address-related issues, while builds trust and engagement through authentic customer testimonials. Together, these tools have helped BOXRAW deliver a seamless E-commerce experience, reducing manual interventions and fostering positive customer relationships.

Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Within the past 30 days, a remarkable 30% of all orders benefited from the enforcement of address rules, significantly curtailing the frequency of undeliverable packages and consequent returns. 

Moreover, integrating with Address Validator led to a drastic reduction in manual efforts previously required to verify and correct shipping addresses. By automating what was once a time-consuming and error-prone process, BOXRAW has not only saved countless man-hours but has also significantly cut operational costs.

This enhancement at checkout, coupled with the bolstered accuracy of deliveries, has been instrumental in propelling customer satisfaction to new heights. This surge in positive customer sentiment is vividly reflected in the plethora of glowing reviews for on-time delivery and shipping received during this period.

Increased Sales and Conversion Rates

BOXRAW witnessed a tangible uplift in sales and conversion rates after integrating with Address Validator and

Thanks to the flexible design and placement of the review collection widget and straightforward setup flow, makes it incredibly easy for merchants to conduct their own A/B testing manually. BOXRAW took the widget placement to the test and conducted their own self-led experiment. They focused on repositioning the reviews tab higher up within the product description page, of which they saw an increase in conversions and items being added to the cart. This seemingly small manoeuvre proved particularly effective for high-value items, where the assurance provided by peer reviews is invaluable.

The results? Within a span of 30 days, BOXRAW amassed nearly 350 reviews, with a staggering 98% showcasing positive sentiment and many referencing the accelerated delivery times. This feedback highlights the symbiotic relationship between and Address Validator, showcasing their collective success in enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The synergy between and Address Validator has redefined BOXRAW's customer journey, ensuring a frictionless transition from product discovery to delivery., with the power of social proof, UGC, and authentic reviews, helps BOXRAW's customers form an objective understanding of the products and make informed decisions based on collective experiences. 

On the other hand, Address Validator serves as an essential safeguard, meticulously rectifying any inaccuracies in shipping addresses input by customers. While Address Validator operates unobtrusively in the backdrop, its impact on the customer experience is profound. 

Both tools cement BOXRAW’s commitment to providing a seamless E-commerce experience. This strategic combination not only simplifies the purchasing process but also solidifies BOXRAW's reputation for excellence and reliability in the competitive landscape of online retail.

Combined Tech For A Streamlined CX 

BOXRAW has set a new standard in the E-commerce experience for sports equipment and apparel by prioritizing delivery accuracy and building customer trust through transparent reviews. Their journey underscores the importance of adopting innovative solutions to address common retail challenges, ultimately leading to sustained growth and customer loyalty.

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