Smart search functionality can turn a confusing, underperforming site into an eCommerce powerhouse - helping shoppers find exactly what they want, and find it at speed. Our latest integration with Searchspring combines smart search with social proof, giving you even more of the tools you need to convert purchase ready customers.
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A powerful search and personalisation platform, Searchspring uses AI and machine learning to provide shoppers with hyper-relevant search results and recommendations - optimising the on-site experience by removing friction from product search and discovery.

It essentially takes your native eCommerce search and makes it faster, more intuitive, and more beneficial to your bottom line.

And thanks to our latest integration, you can now enhance Searchspring’s already impressive functionality with product review data pulled from your account.

What can you do with + Searchspring Integration?

So, what exactly can you do with your review data in Searchspring ?

Promote your top rated products: ask Searchspring to showcase relevant products with the highest star ratings in search results, recommendations and category page listings - giving shoppers relevant suggestions that come with the highest level of customer endorsement. 

Add ratings filters to search results: make it easy for customers to weigh up their options by filtering search results according to star rating, and create a seamless experience for those that shop with reviews in mind.

Display stars on search results, recommendations and category pages: with aggregate review scores visible at this stage in their journey, the customer can make a more informed decision about whether or not to explore that particular product further.

In a nutshell, the integration allows you to both inform search results and recommendations, as well as add to their impact with persuasive trust signals.

Key Benefits of Combining Review Data and Smart Search

Some integrations (like + Klaviyo) focus on driving engagement throughout the entire customer lifecycle, but with + Searchspring, it’s all about capitalising on the moment:

Decrease abandoned purchases: 54% of consumers say they’ve given up on an online purchase with a specific brand or retailer because it was too difficult to choose the right product. By using Searchspring and together, you make that choice far easier by showing relevant products and proving their quality.

Take advantage of high intent searches: when a customer enters your store and heads straight to the search bar, they’ve not come to browse. They’ve come with a high intent to purchase a specific product. While Searchspring takes care of finding them that product, delivers the star rating that convinces them to click through.

Increase average order value: product recommendations based on purchase history and on-site behaviour are an effective way to boost AOV.

When you support those recommendations with star ratings, you give the customer even more reason to visit a product page and add a little something extra to their cart.

Inform smarter search results: Searchspring uses a lot of clever technology to power search and personalisation - autocomplete, IntelliSuggest, semantic search - but one thing it can’t do without the relevant data is deliver results and recommendations based on customer feedback.

For that it needs a review partner, and our seamless integration makes the perfect match.

Grow Your Brand with + Searchspring

To add star ratings to search results, product recommendations and category pages, you’ll need active accounts with both and Searchspring. Once that’s sorted, it just takes a few simple steps to integrate the two solutions. Our support team is on hand if you need any help at all.

If you’re not yet a customer, check out our integrations page and see how our solution is a smart addition to any eCommerce tech stack. 

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