To unlock the full potential of review content, multiple teams need to engage with it (and each other). You can now bring everyone together through your dashboard with comments, notifications and assigned tasks based on review ratings and sentiment. It’s all part of our latest feature release, built with collaboration in mind.
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If you’re running a solid review strategy, chances are you’ve got a good few people involved in it. Customer support, product development, marketing - even your logistics team can take valuable data from review content. 

What our latest feature does is make it so much easier for everyone to work together. It boosts productivity, brings time and cost savings, and makes sure you get maximum value out of every single customer review.

Why Collaboration Tools, And Why Now?

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. OK, so it’s a bit of a cliche but it’s true. Every team and every employee within your business has a function, but it’s only when they work together that great things happen.

And the way we see it, when you combine collaboration with review content, you’ve got a recipe for a competitive edge:

Smarter product development - if you want to beat out the competition, you have to understand customer pain points and address them before anyone else. You’ll get a lot of this understanding from review content, and with your development team in the loop you’ll always be one step ahead.

Better customer care - as acquisition costs rise, retention and loyalty become top priorities. If you want customers to stick around (and advocate for you) you have to provide a service that’s second to none. This new feature gives your customer support team the tools to make that happen.

More brand engagement - consumers don’t want gimmicks and polished ads these days. They want authentic content they can relate to, and brands they can connect with. UGC is one of your greatest assets here, so your marketing team should definitely be part of the review management mix.

All round greater efficiency - essentially, what this latest feature gives you is the power to improve business performance by streamlining workflows and communication.

What's new on our dashboard?

So what can you expect when you next log in to your dashboard? Here’s a look at the key updates:

- Create personalised user profiles by uploading a photo

- Group users into custom teams and let them log in with Single Sign on, helping you comply with various security regulations (for example HIPPA) custom teams

- Send real time notifications and reminders with the new @mention functionality

- Automatically feed review content to the relevant teams based on ratings and sentiment. For example, filter any feedback of three stars or less to the customer support team. 

- Create and view tasks, actions and comments giving greater visibility and accountability

Most importantly, you can improve the customer experience, drive more engagement and achieve business growth through more effective review management.

If you need any more guidance on how to use our latest update, hop on live chat and talk to our support team. 

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