The Timeline is the home page of your dashboard. Here, you can find information on all your reviews from all collected sources.
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Your Timeline is the first page you'll see upon logging in to your account.  It gives you an at-a-glance overview of your current review score on Reviewsio, as well as giving you the option to filter your reviews based on certain criteria (date, rating etc).

The main body of your timeline (the column on the left) gives you a list of recent reviews.  As reviews come in they will be displayed in order.  You'll notice that each review gives you the customer name, a star rating and their comment, along with an indication of the review type (company, product or third-party).

You'll also see which product was purchased, how the review was collected, and whether it is currently verified or unverified

Review Filtering

You can use the filtering functionality to organise your reviews in a number of ways. By type:-

Review Types

Your timeline contains the reviews collected on and also those written on selected third party platforms.  You have the ability to direct a certain proportion of your review invitations to a range of third party sites, with the aim of improving and maintaining your overall review rating on those platforms.  We support Facebook, Google Local (for reviews on Google Maps), Amazon, Yelp, Yell, Houzz and Check-a-trade.  More platforms are being added, so if you have a specific request for one then let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Third party reviews are displayed in your Timeline alongside your Company and Product reviews collected on  The reviews name, star rating and review content are all visible.

Review Overview

Over to the right side of your Timeline is your reviews overview, which details the number of Company, Product and Third-Party reviews collected for the date range you currently have selected.

Net Promoter Score

You can also show your Net Promotor Score (NPS) in your Timeline. Have a read here for more details of NPS and how it can help your business

Local Review Monitoring

You can also see at-a-glance your review score on local review platforms over time, which gives you a great indication of how your score is improving without the need to visit those sites individually.  Here's an example of how increased their local review score, for example, using nothing more than

You'll see that they had a low score on a local platform on which they were not actively collecting reviews.  As we sent more and more review traffic there, their happy customers wrote positive reviews meaning a vast improvement in score.

Local review collection is one of's best features for companies looking to improve their review rating across a wide range of websites, while managing that rating from one location.

Blog summary

As you can see, the Timeline is a very handy place for you to manage all your reviews in one location.  It gives you multiple filtering options and lets you keep an eye on your online reputation.  For more information call us, or sign up by clicking any of the signup buttons on this page.

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