Great products sell, but capturing the greatness of a product on a webpage can be tricky.

Without the ability to touch, feel and smell, products can fall flat online.

But that's not to say showcasing products in their real lights online is impossible.

In fact, with technological advances such as Augmented Reality and User-Generated-Content at your disposal, you can literally bring your products to life on a web page.

And the best product pages do just that. Whether it be ink cartridges, silk sheets or wallpaper you're selling, a customer should be able to get a real feel not only for the product they're buying but the brand they're buying from too. If it's a creative product, the UX should appeal to the artist in all of us. Practical? then paired back and functional will work.

Today we're looking at 11 brilliant brands that have product pages so amazing, they're almost impossible not to convert on.

Boutique product page examples

For those businesses selling boutique, high-end products online, their websites need to stack up. Here are two brilliant companies getting it right.

1. Floom

Floom is an online flower delivery service offering beautiful bouquets from independent florists across the U.K & USA. They celebrate uniqueness and encourage the florists they work with to be creative and experimental, meaning no two bouquets are the same.

Floom's product pages put floral works of art centre stage. With a bright white, simple background, the flowers are shown in an almost museum-like setting. Each product page features four photos, showing the bouquet from different angles, close up, and in a tasteful, homely setting too.

It's essential that the artisan nature of Floom's product are highlighted on the site, both to highlight their USP and also warrant the high price tag. The unfussy, sleek and paired back design certainly achieves this.

floom product pages

When ordering flowers online, customers may have several concerns, one of which being that the bouquet will arrive damaged, dead or just be a little overwhelming. This is where Floom's unique product page features come in.

Images and information about the particular blooms used in the bouquet along with care advice build authority - just as a florist would. And delivery details help to reassure customers that Floom care about their bouquets arriving picture-perfect as much as you do. All this information, broken down into easily digestible snippets alongside cute graphics add to the overall charm of the page.

Continue scrolling, and customers can find information about the florist the bouquet will be sourced from - the final touch to this boutique experience that gives all the benefits of buying in-store, without the waiting time.

2. Pooky

There's something for everyone at Pooky specialises in high-quality lighting, with bases and shades you can mix and match to create stunning, statement pieces.

Pooky product page

It's artisan, online. Although Pooky's product pages look simple at first glance, delve a little deeper and you'll see they've put in a lot of work to showcase their value proposition.

Nearly all of the products are customisable, with a range of base and shade colours available. Clicking on any of these options updates the product image accordingly, so customers are really craft something unique (and boutique!) There are hundreds of options to choose from and bringing them to life in photographic form shows customers exactly what they're getting so they can buy with confidence. product page

Although the prices are high, the entire experience on Pooky's product pages shows you're getting value for money. The detailed images of fabrics and materials plus the variety available make it a truly bespoke experience that adds huge value to their product offerings.

Pooky product page

Product Reviews citing the amazing quality add the final flourish to these beautiful product pages.

Environmentally friendly product pages

Eco-conscious consumers are often highly educated. They know what they're looking for, and have a clear idea of what they're not, too. Here are two great product page examples which cater to these knowledgable consumers.

3. Sho

Sho fight the global problem of single-use plastics with their reusable bottles. In a range of fun and bright colours, their 18/8 Stainless Steel, BPA free plastic and food-grade silicone bottles are designed to last 'a lifetime'.

Sho product page

Although reusable bottles work out to be much cheaper than regularly buying plastic - not to mention better for the environment - the price can at first, seem like an investment. Sho's product pages reinforce the environmental benefits whilst emphasising the quality of their products. Indeed, the benefits and longivity of the products are mentioned regularly across the page.

Reviews and customer testimonials also play a roll in this. An overall review score is boldly displayed in green, with reviews in full at the bottom of the product page. Right at the top of the product description sits a customer testimonial, which backs up exactly what Sho says about their bottles - they deliver on their promises of durable, functional bottles - harbouring instant trust and buyer confidence.

Sho product pages

As customers scroll further down the page, the USPs and benefits of SHO bottles are repeated. Leak-proof, 24 hours cold, 12 hours hot - identifying potential customer pain points and surpassing them.

The result is a product page that fills buyers with confidence in switching to a more eco-friendly alternative, resulting in a high volume of conversions.

4. Mamoq

Mamoq is an online retailer of sustainable fashion, deeply committed to only working with brands that share their ethos.

Mamoq eco-friendly product page

Customers interested in sustainable fashion have different pain points to regular consumers, so there is pressure on brands championing it to make their value proposition and authentic.

Mamoq product page

Mamoq does this in two ways on their product pages. Each brand they work with is 'vetted' against the Mamoq values, which are values which many of their customers are likely to share. Values are highlighted on the product pages using simple symbols, along with information about how the brand delivers these values.

Consumers interested in ethical fashion are extremely aware of what makes a brand 'sustainable'. Showcasing this information is a way of reassuring customers that they are shopping brands which share their values, leading to increased buyer trust and confidence.

As customers scroll down the page, more information about the brand is shown. This often includes their story, where the garments are made and any charitable initiatives they run.

Customers can access all the information they need on Mamoq's products pages to make guilt-free conversions inkeeping with their own values.

Interactive product page examples

Sometimes shopping online requires a little more. For highly personal purchases or personalised products, customers need even more reassurance. Here are two comapanies getting it right.

5. Milk & Blush

Our hair is highly personal, something Milk & Blush, an online provider of high-quality hair extensions, have recognised.

Milk & Blush hair extensions product page

Their product pages step away from the norm to take customers through a 'journey' of sorts to find hair that's perfect for them.

The interactive process asks customers to choose a length, thickness and lastly, colour.

Milk & Blush product page

The selection is then summarised on a more traditional product page. Along with more details about the hair extensions themselves, a before and after photo is featured along with several videos showing the hair extensions in action towards the bottom of the page. This really brings the product to life, providing customers with a relatable content that fills them with confidence they can achieve similar results.

6. Greater Skies

Personalised products are meant to be unique. Greater Skies do a wonderful job of making their Custom Star Map product pages as unique as the customers that are buying them.

Greater sies product page

With a range of customisation options and previews, it's hard not to get a little starry-eyed!

Greater Skies interactive product page

The product pages automatically identify where customers are in the World, and create star maps accordingly. On the following page, the location, date and even time can be changed, which trigger the map to update. This real-time experience provides a personal touch, almost guaranteeing that each and every map will be slightly different.

Although simple in design, the speedy, seamless preview makes Greater Skies' product pages a joyful place to buy from.

Product pages utilising UGC

User-Generated Content is still a relatively new marketing technique, and for many brands, ones worth taking advantage of. Below are two businesses using customer images to create super compelling product pages.

7. Abbott Lyon

Abbott Lyon is a brand built by young people, for young people. The highly successful 'it' accessories brand have a-list celebrities amongst their many fans and are a real hit on Instagram, with over 200k followers.

Abbott Lyon have taken their Instagram success and amazing social reputation and brought it to their product pages using clever techniques.

Abbott lyon product page

The colours and the box-layout used on the product pages give off a distinctly 'Instagram' vibe, replicating the aesthetic of their IG in a shoppable way.

Abbott Lyon UGC Product Page

And speaking of IG, their most recent Instagram posts are featured at the bottom of every product page to show just how on-trend, young and popular Abott Lyon are.

The result is product pages that encapsulate all the fun and desirability of Instagram, perfectly representing this youthful, trend-setting brand and all it stands for.

8. Sun of a Beach

Sun of a beach product page

Another brand using UGC to communicate with its audience is Sun Of A Beach. You may have guessed by the name - Sun of a Beach is a brand with a big personality. Offering premium towels and beach bags in unique designs and plush fabrics, Sun Of A Beach are another popular Instagram brand.

Sun of a beach towels product page

Their products look amazing and are therefore perfectly suited to modern advertising methods such as Influencer marketing and UGC. At the bottom of each of their colourful product pages is a shoppable Instagram gallery, displaying both their own posts, which feature the product, along with those posts that they've been tagged in.

UGC is perhaps the most authentic kind of content on offer as it showcases products in real-life situations. Thanks to the nature of Intagram, UGC images often show products in extremely desirable and enviable settings, turning a singular product into a 'lifestyle' - an extremely alluring value proposition.

Inspirational product pages

What's a product if you don't know how to use it? Going above and beyond to bring your products into desirable and relatable situations is a sure-fire way to increase conversions. Let's look at it in practise.

9. The Fish Society

Buying food online has become increasingly popular over recent years. The Fish Society provide consumers with high-quality, frozen fish, unattainable in supermarkets, delivered straight to your door.

the fish society product page

Far from uninspiring nature of easy takeaways, The Fish Society celebrates the act of cooking from fresh at home, with product pages full of inspiration on how to use their products.

For each type of seafood on offer, customers will find recipes and videos as they scroll down the page. This adds value and indeed, excitement, by providing customers with the vision, tools and confidence to create something really amazing in the comfort of their own home. What The Fish Society have created here is not just an amazing product page, but a desirable way of sourcing and cooking their food - a way of life.

All this is topped off with reviews and gorgeous imagery, in the form of a shoppable Instagram gallery to the bottom of the page. These delectable images are enough to make your mouth water, adding the final pinch of salt to these inspirational product pages.

Product pages for innovative products

10. Noa Home

noa home mattress product page

The key with buying the perfect mattress has long been to 'try before you buy'. Noa Home are shaking things up a bit with their hybrid mattresses, which promise to give you a 'one-of-a-kind sleep experience' thanks to their innovative mix of premium materials.

They've gone to great lengths to showcase the quality and innovativeness of their mattresses on the product pages.

noa home product page

The Noa Mattress isn't just any kind of mattress. The almost anatomically represented layers highlight the complexity of creating the perfects night sleep. Syntax such as 'engineered', 'expertly' and 'crafted' showcase the investment and time that's gone into creating this technical piece of wonder.

And spotlight on the materials themselves boost the perceived quality of the mattress further - these are materials worth making a hoo-ha about.

A quality night's sleep is important to all of us, and Noa Home's product pages do a great job of highlighting the investment and time that have gone into achieving exactly that.

11. HVMN

HVMN, or Health Via Modern Nutrition, are developers and providers of performance-enhancing products. Their flagship product, Ketone Ester, is a nutritional drink which promises to enhance both physical and cognitive capabilities and resilience.

HVMN product page

With such bold claims at stake, HVMN's product pages need to make a statement, and boy, do they. Every section of the page is jam-packed with statistics, facts, quotes and a fair bit of name dropping too. All of which gives authority to their remarkable products.

HVMN sports product page

Scrolling down the page, customers will find even more incentive to buy. With images of sportspeople in action, all in branded HVMN gear,  the impossible is quickly made to seem possible. Nutritional information is displayed in a traditionally formatted table at the bottom of the product page, adding even more credibility to the claims of improved performance.

In Summary

Every product is different and require a different style of product pages. The examples above show deep understanding of the business' unique customer pain points and go above and beyond to answer and reassure any doubts they may have.

Eye-catching and 'fun' to use, the best product pages are more than just a simple 'click to buy' - they create an experience which encapsulates both the excellence of the products on offer, and allow customers to 'buy into' a brand.

Customers shopping on these product pages feel value for money, have an in-depth understanding of the hyped up value proposition on offer, and thus, are more likely to convert.

Here's to all the businesses getting their product pages spot on!

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