LoyaltyLion is one of the biggest customer loyalty platforms for eCommerce businesses. With the Reviews.io integration, you can reward customers who leave reviews to create a loyal customer base and encourage repeat sales.
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Only 29% of customers leave a review after a positive experience, yet 83% say they'd be willing to do so.

It's time to bridge the gap.

The Reviews.io LoyaltyLion integration brings incredible UX and incentivisation together to create highly compelling review invitations your customers will struggle to ignore.

How it works

With the LoyaltyLion Reviews.io Integration, leaving a review works in the same way as any other activity. This means you can still use your existing Customer Review strategy, including emails, to collect reviews.

You choose how many points a review is worth in your LoyaltyLion dashboard. Customers can earn points organically by leaving reviews directly from your site, and you can also incentivise your review emails. Mentioning an award in your subject line will lead to an increase in open rates and conversions.

Reviews.io LoyaltyLion Integration

Points will only be awarded when a review is completed.

Follow the steps here to get LoyaltyLion set up with your Reviews.io account.


Collect more 5-star reviews

Consider every customer review as a gift. Whilst some may be willing to leave feedback without anything in return, you'll receive more reviews if you offer thanks.

Offering rewards to customers who leave reviews is a great way of incentivising them. After all, who can refuse a treat?

Best of all, those customers interested in collecting points with you are likely to be happy customers. What does this mean for you? Not just more reviews, more rave reviews.

Create memorable customer experiences

Customers like to feel valued! As the online marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, the little things can make all the difference.

Offering a token of gratitude for customers that leave a review might be all that's needed to keep you as their favourite online retail store.

Meet your review goals

Some reviews may be more valuable to you than others. If you're trying to get hold of more user-generated content to use in your marketing, you may choose to offer more points for reviews including photos than stand-alone reviews.

loyaltylion reviewsio rewards email

The ability to use a weighted awards system for reviews makes it easy to influence customer behaviour and fulfil your ever-changing marketing needs.

Reopening the loop

It may seem like you're giving something for nothing, but showing a little gratitude to your customers is actually pretty clever.

Not only will you be increased your review count, but giving points adds another step to the buyer journey.

With points in their pocket, they're more likely to return to your store soon and get shopping again.

Therefore incentivising reviews not only encourages more customer feedback, but more sales too.

Ready to enhance your customer's review experience? Follow the steps here to get set up with the LoyaltyLion integration.

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