A powerful integration to help you leverage UGC and another effective use of AI are among our recent product updates, along with a host of improvements made in response to your needs.
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Before we take a look at what’s new with the REVIEWS.io solution, we’d like to round off the year with a huge thank you to our customers. Our product wouldn’t be what it is without you, and a lot of the updates we’ve made this quarter have been based on your feedback. 

So as we wave goodbye to 2023, here’s a closer look at what’s been happening behind the scenes in Q4.

New FTC Guidelines Update

This isn’t a product development per se, but a response to changes in guidelines issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and subsequent changes implemented globally by Shopify. 

In a nutshell, Shopify rules now state that all legitimate reviews must be published within a given timeframe, no matter their star rating. To comply we’ve updated our auto-publish functionality to make all reviews - both positive and negative - live within 14 days of submission.  

For you as a merchant, this requires a proactive approach to negative review management, and we’ve got plenty of tools and advice to help you with this. 

Download our white paper ‘How to Manage Negative Reviews’ to learn more about the FTC’s guideline updates and how to best respond.

Survey Response Allowance Increase

A lot of our customers are making great use of REVIEWS.io Surveys to gather zero-party data and actionable insights on their business. So much so they requested scope to collect more survey responses.

We listened, and upped the monthly allowances associated with eligible plans. Professional plan customers now have an allowance of 1,000 survey responses per month, and Enterprise plan customers 2,500.

That’s more of a customer-first perspective on how to improve your business, and more valuable data for customer segmentation. 

AI-Generated Email Templates

We know a lot of our customers are after a quick and easy way to create custom email templates that convert, so we’ve added AI functionality to our simple templates.

These are now AI generated with information taken directly from your website - no longer generic, but specific to your brand and created in a matter of seconds. 

It’s another way we’re using AI to enhance the REVIEWS.io solution.

New Firework Integration

Our list of powerful integrations got a new addition this quarter in the shape of video commerce solution Firework.

This means you can now easily convert video reviews into a shoppable format and use them to create immersive interactions using Firework’s live streaming, virtual shopping and digital showroom tools. 

This integration has the potential to work wonders for conversion rates, helping shoppers make more informed decisions and engaging them with authentic product experiences.

Improvements to the Dashboard UX

You’ll now find a new look interface for the REVIEWS.io dashboard, designed to improve the user experience of our product.

Among the numerous dashboard enhancements are a restructured side navigation and consolidated settings page, all with improved responsiveness. 

We’ve added monthly allowance usage indicator’s, so you can easily view how many invitations and survey responses you’ve used, and rolled out in-dash notifications for upcoming integrations.

New Look Email Comms

As well as changes to the dashboard, you’ll also see an improved look to the emails you receive from REVIEWS.io.

These now have a new layout, styles, and support for dark mode. 

In some communications, we’ll also be highlighting key new features and the latest articles on our blog - keeping you up to date with our product’s functionality and the latest trends in reviews and eCommerce.

Enhanced Sign-Up and Onboarding

For new customers, we’ve revamped how we introduce you to our solution, with streamlined onboarding so you can really hit the ground running. 

With user-friendly interfaces, informative prompts, and personalized touchpoints, we’re committed to making your journey with REVIEWS.io as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

Coming Soon…..New Product Widget Update

As requested by you, we’re in the process of adding a new mode to the product review widget, making selected filters visible in the subheader. 

This small tweak will make the buyer journey more informative, allowing shoppers to easily navigate review content in line with their own needs and preferences.   

Here’s to a successful 2023, and a cracking 2024!

From all of us here at REVIEWS.io, we hope this year’s seen significant growth for your brand and that our product has had a supporting role to play in it. As always, if you have any feedback on how we can improve what we offer we’re more than happy to hear it - just drop us a line.

In the meantime, why not check out our 8 eCommerce trends for 2024 and start prepping your online store for even greater success in the months ahead.

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