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Last week we caught up with Jules B, a stylish independent clothing company who you may be familiar with. Jules B was set up by husband and wife team Julian and Rhona Blades, which has been providing elegant and designer brands for men and women for over 30 years, all across the globe.

Jules B provide top designer clothing not readily available on the high street, but most importantly, they pride themselves on being able to offer individual and unique pieces in a constantly changing environment, to keep their brand, and their customers on trend.

When you just need more

With such a huge customer base, it's important for Jules B to keep up their image. One way in which they were promoting their brand was through those customers, using reviews. However, the review strategy they were undertaking with Feefo wasn't quite meeting their needs, that's when they decided to look at other platforms.

Jules B recently switched from Feefo to, and have been with us for just over 3 months now. Since using our review management system incorporating product Review publication, they have found not only increased conversion, but also increased turnover too. Happy days!

Why the switch?

Whether being picked over others at school for a sports team, or if your dog decides to come to you rather than your spouse, it's always nice to be the 'chosen one'. When I talked to Jules B, the thing I was most excited to find out was why they decided to leave Feefo, and come to us.

When I asked, I wasn't disappointed:

"We like what had to offer, we like the solutions, and overall is much more cost effective for us!"

Tom Jeffrey - Head of Ecommerce - JulesB

Brilliant! What more could you ask for?

Jules B had been recommended by a friend about our services, so when they took a gander at our solutions, they found that we could actually offer them something they weren't currently getting - Product Reviews. Not only that, the solutions we do offer don't cost an arm and a leg, and the service we provide is the service you pay for, it's as simple as that.

When they made the switch for those very reasons, not only did they get those essential product reviews, they also saw further benefits of increased turnover, conversion, and email response collection rates! We have made this switch even easier for you offering to buyout your Feefo contract.

Partial review collection

Before joining us at, Jules B only had the capability of publishing Company Reviews. For a business of their scale and services, it is integral for them to be able to offer their customers to leave feedback on the quality, pricing, fit, and so forth of their products. However, with Feefo they were unable to do so.

Product Reviews for a clothing company is a salient marketing strategy which was not being utilised until joining us. Product Reviews allow customers on site to further inform themselves, giving them another reason to stay on site and choose you over a competitor with similar products.

They also enable previous customers to be your brand advocate by sharing their great experience and love for your product, further cementing social proof, by creating a brand community with your customers.

Lastly, Product Reviews allow you to utilise Product Review Rich Snippets. This is the information that Google reads on your site to then get your product ratings onto Google, appearing in organic searches as stars, which not only increases visibility further, but similarly to social proof, gives a customer another reason to choose you.

Unlike the manufacturers specifications, review content is peer generated, containing real, human experiences of said product, invaluable to future users. As a clothing company, Jules B's products are their business, thus not being able to publish Product Revies was holding them back.

Product Reviews with to the rescue. We were able to offer them the opportunity to not only continue collecting their Company Reviews, but to also collect Product Reviews and display them on their site. As such, with the opportunity for past and present customers to leave Product Reviews, and future customers more educated before purchasing, Jules B say their Google Seller Ratings have increased!

Below are some pictures of the product ratings Jules B can now show, and some of the comments! Jules B know they have great products, but now their customers can tell the world too! 63.6% of consumers saying they check online reviews on Google before visiting a business, without those product review ratings their overall presence in Google would've been compromised.

Why the increase?

Such an increase is cyclical. Due to more visibility of those stars - both paid and organic - through displaying both Company and Product Reviews, a greater number of customers will click on the results, leading them to that page. With the presence of reviews, this leads to greater conversion, and thus more ratings and the process continues!

Higher turnover

Since integrating Product Reviews, Jules B have experienced higher turnover in that short period. A huge round of applause for Jules B!

They state that:

"Since changing to and being able to implement product review collection, we have seen an 18%+ increase in sales." - Tom Jeffrey - Head of Ecommerce - JulesB

As evident above in increasing their Google Seller Ratings, this greater organic scope has increased visibility, and therefore click-through. By implementing a solid review collection strategy, they have managed to increase conversion and thus their turnover, solidifying the importance and benefits of reviews for your company.

Response collection rate

It's not just the Product Reviews they're raving about. By joining us, Jules B have also increased their email response collection rate compared to when they were with Feefo. With greater responses, come more reviews. Research shows that 50+ reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates, which Jules B have been reaping.

As we talked about, we know the process is cyclical: The more reviews collected and published, the greater brand visibility they have with future customers, thus higher click through and greater conversion, as they've seen.

Not only that, increased click-through actually reduces your cost-per-click, so, happy faces all round!

Case study summary

Overall, through simply switching to us, Jules B have increased their click-through and conversion, turnover, Google Seller Ratings, and email review collection rate in just a few months. All of this was made possible though implementing Product Review collection and publication, as well as benefiting from our other great solutions.

It was great talking to you Jules B, and congratulations again on all those fabulous benefits from reviews, especially Product Reviews!

To find out more about how we can positively influence your company like we did for Jules B, and leave your wallet a little heavier this month, just sign up to a free trial using the button at the top of this page or call one of our team today.

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