We rarely think of it this way, but when we shop online we have countless strangers to thank for our experience. Why? Because they took the time to leave honest, authentic product reviews that helped us make the right choices.
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A quality review is an informative piece of content that gives a trusted account of a customer experience. And they don’t just inform purchase decisions. Online reviewers are part of a community that shape innovation, improve standards and help businesses grow.

Why Are Product Reviews Important?

Verified product reviews are a form of social proof. When we read good quality reviews from various independent sources, we gain real insight into what we’re buying, and evidence the company we’re dealing with can be trusted.

And that’s not all. By leaving product reviews, we’re communicating with the business, highlighting issues, informing product development, and helping them improve services.

As new review trends emerge, both consumers and businesses are getting greater insight. UGC like video review content shows products in action - how they fit into customers lives and the joy they bring. We can also leave feedback on specific features like quality, fit and comfort through review attributes.

All of this combined gives product reviews real power. And as the customer, the power is in your hands.  

I pre-ordered the hot tub and it arrived exactly on the date Wave said it would. I’ve placed orders for every type of chemical and for filters. — Great service and a great hot tub! It has made a real difference for my children too who love it, especially during lockdown. Thanks Wave.

Verified Buyer
Wave Spas product review

Benefits of Writing Product Reviews

You’ll get a better experience

We’re all shopping online now more than ever before, and we expect more from the businesses we buy from. By leaving product reviews, you’re letting brands know what you need, and if they’re smart enough to listen, they’ll deliver.

You’ll be helping others

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. You’ve likely used them yourself. So why not pay it back and help others make the right decisions?

You’ll be supporting the brands you love

Online retail is competitive, and without loyal customers, a brand can soon disappear. By leaving product reviews for the brands you love, you’ll help them get seen, attract new customers, and grow as a business.

First time I have ordered clothing from this site and I would for sure order again! Parcel arrived so quickly and the quality of the dress is just amazing! Fits like a glove :) x

Lindsay H
Abbott Lyon product review

How to Write a Good Product Review

1. Talk About Your Experience As A Whole

The more detailed your review, the more helpful it is, so try and cover everything you think is important. The focus of a product review is, of course, the product itself, but also consider things like customer service. Your experience - good or bad - will help customers decide if a product and its provider are good fit for them.

2. Be Honest

Transparency is key to a good review. Remember, the point is to give an unbiased opinion. You might think you’re helping a business by spinning a few white lies (or maybe even damaging it, depending on your intention), but other customers will see straight through you. Ultimately, you’re helping no one.

3. Never Include Personal Details

If you’ve had a particularly good experience, or indeed an awful one, you may want to include the names of those involved, but as your review will be publicly visible, you need to keep privacy rights in mind. Leave out specific names, and never include personal emails or direct telephone numbers. If you have a serious complaint about an individual, it’s better to contact the business privately.

4. Update Your Review

Sometimes, it might be necessary to update your review as your experience changes. You may have initially left negative feedback, but your issue has since been resolved and your opinion altered. Or it may be that you discover something about a product at a later date. In such cases, revise your review to keep consumers in the picture.

5. Proofread Your Content

Before you publish, make sure you’ve included everything you think necessary, that your review reads well and is free from errors. Also take the time to consider your tone. Even if you’re making a complaint, your language needs to be polite, and your statements free from unfounded accusations. No one expects professional writing skills, but your review will carry more credibility if it’s checked over.  

In Summary

When a business invites you to leave a product review, it’s giving you the opportunity to help shape the world of online retail. You’re helping people just like you buy good products from good sellers and giving businesses valuable feedback so they can better serve you in future. So when you respond to that invitation, make sure you do it with a quality review.

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