German brand Rocka Nutrition takes the spotlight in our latest case study. It’s a story we’re super thrilled to share, as it proves just how quick and easy it is to almost double a Trustpilot score without paying for a Trustpilot contract.
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The Challenge

Rocka Nutrition has been a customer of ours for some time. When the brand first entered eCommerce it focused on building trust in its range of vitamins, supplements and protein powders through social media and authentic product reviews - which it managed with great success. 

But when Trustpilot approached the team in 2021 the focus shifted. The review provider made them aware of their low company rating on its platform (a reputation damaging 2.2) and suggested the only fix was a Trustpilot contract.

Highly reluctant to sign up, the challenge became - how to improve their Trustpilot score without using its services? 

“We had such positive feedback on our products that shop reviews were never on the radar. When Trustpilot told us about our score we were not sure what to do. We just knew we didn’t want to give them any money.” - Guido Hoermann, Rocka Nutrition

The Solution

It’s a problem we see all the time - if you’re not actively encouraging reviews on a particular platform the only comments you’re likely to get are from those with a grudge. Happy customers are willing to share their opinion if you ask for it, not so much if you don’t. So you get a distorted view where all your feedback is negative. 

Short of signing up with every provider, what’s your option? That’s exactly what Rocka Nutrition needed to find out. 

With an established partnership in place, they turned to our German team and found the perfect solution in our Reputation Management feature - a tool that lets you collect and publish reviews on multiple third party platforms, including Trustpilot, through your account. 

The Strategy

We looked at the brands review collection, which at that point was still fully focused on product reviews. Thanks to an effective strategy here, they already had a high number of these across their whole product range, so could afford to make new product reviews less of a priority for the time being. 

This gave them scope to really concentrate on company reviews. And this is where our Reputation Management feature proved its worth.

“We didn’t want to ignore our Trustpilot profile because we’d worked so hard to be a trusted brand, but paying for a service we never signed up for wasn’t an option. So when the guys told us we could send customers to Trustpilot it was a total game changer.” - Guido Hoermann, Rocka Nutrition

Having scaled up on company review collection, Rocka Nutrition started sending around 90% of its customers to Trustpilot to leave organic, verified feedback. All through and all without paying Trustpilot a penny. 

We launched this strategy in December 2021, at which point the brand’s Trustpilot stats were an average rating of 2.2 from 47 reviews. By early February 2022, those stats had jumped to a 4.1 rating from 196 reviews.  

Fast forward to today and it’s a totally different picture from where the brand started. A 4.3 rating from 490 company reviews means Rocka Nutrition’s Trustpilot reputation is consistent with the positive sentiment around its products. 

It’s since been able to revise its distribution, which now sees 60% of customers invited to leave both company and product reviews with, and the remaining 40% invited to leave company reviews on Trustpilot. 

“What we’ve got now is a really good set-up. We’re seeing more and more love for our products and keeping the Rocka Nutrition name intact on major ratings sites. Big thanks to for helping us with this matter” - Guido Hoermann, Rocka Nutrition 

Why Reviews Matter to Rocka Nutrition

The brand’s strong reputation is of course more down to the Rocka Nutrition team than it is our solution. Right from the start founder Julian Zietlow was set on high standards, using his own extensive knowledge of nutrition and exercise to formulate the best products possible.

This was accompanied by a focus on advocacy and community. Influencers and social media in general played a big role in the brand’s early success, helping the Rocka Nutrition name gain traction. 

Reviews were the next logical step, and the team made great use of customer feedback to educate shoppers on the quality, taste and efficacy of its products.

Whilst company reviews may not have been high on the agenda, when it came to it the team quickly realized it's just as important to instill trust in your service as it is in your products, and importantly, to monitor and manage your reputation everywhere.  

“I guess we’re thankful to Trustpilot for letting us know there were bad things being said about us and we didn’t know it. We watch that now and make sure customers get the best impression of us wherever they look.” - Guido Hoermann, Rocka Nutrition 

A kitchen cupboard must have for fitness fans in the DACH region, and with products hitting supermarket shelves in recent months, there’s a promising journey ahead for Rocka Nutrition. We’ll be on hand, helping them make the most of our solution to maintain their well deserved reputation.  

If you’re a brand looking to improve your Trustpilot score, pause before you sign up. Check out our vs Trustpilot comparison and see why we might just be the best alternative you’re likely to find.

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