Drewberry Insurance are a UK-based financial advice service, offering help to both individuals and businesses across a wide range of topics.

They provide the best possible service to clients, and as a result have not only collected thousands of 5-star reviews, but gone on to become finalists at the Protection Intermediary of the Year at the Protection Review Awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and the Cover Excellence Awards in 2016 and 2017.

Companies offering financial services must go above and beyond to instill trust in their customers. With Drewberry, confidence is garnered from the offset. Their professional website incorporates trust signals at every customer touch point in the form of award badges, media mentions and customer reviews - clear indication of their deliverance of exceptionally high service.

"Our internal mantra is to provide a ‘5-star service’. Buying financial products can be daunting and complex and we try very hard to make it as easy as possible for clients by taking the legwork out of the process for them." - Tom Conner, Director at Drewberry Insurance

Whilst the website is undoubtedly sleek, there's also a big emphasis on the personable nature of the company. Headshots of members of the team, playful graphics and a 'core principles' section work to make Drewberry seem more authentic, trustworthy and likeable than ever.

Drewberry joined Reviews.io some 2 years ago. Today we're checking in with them to see how they've been getting on with their journey so far.

Before coming to Reviews.io, Drewberry were previously collecting with Review Centre. They strive to be the best and knew having the ability to listen and learn to their customers was essential if they were to be at the top of their game.

Being in the financial sector, they also saw indispensable value in being able to showcase proof of the many customers they'd made happy in the form of online reviews across the web, as they knew positive testimonials were something clients actively sought out.

Reviews were becoming increasinly important to Drewberry, and they wanted to make sure their Review Platform was up to the challenge. They were looking for a sleeker review process to encourage more customers to lead feedback and wanted to be able to display these reviews on Google as well as on their site in quality widgets. Of course, it all needed to be cost-effective too.

The Solution

Drewberry were immediately drawn to Reviews.io's seamless review collection methods. With the ability to request reviews by Email or SMS, and provide a streamlined process for their customers to leave feedback via simple forms, they knew their collection rate would soar.

Reviews.io wide range of Review Widgets give Drewberry plenty of options when it comes to displaying reviews on their site. They make use of various widgets across their site alongside the authoritative Reviews.io logo, to hammer home their reputation and boost confidence on every page.

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As Reviews.io is a Google Licensed Review Partner, every review Drewberry collect is sent to Google. This means the Drewberry listing appears with stars under it in organic search, and they're well on their way to gaining Google Seller Rating status too.

Drewberry didn't just want to showcase reviews, but also learn from them. The Reviews.io dashboard makes this incredibly easy, allowing Drewberry to view all of their reviews in one place and follow up with customers as necessary. Both public and private replies can be left to thank, reassure or reconcile, a feature which Drewberry make great use of.

We believe that, from a prospective new clients perspective, how we react to negative reviews is even more important than a positive review. It shows we really do care and will try very hard to fix any problems that arise. Being able to leave a detailed reply on the system is vital to that. - Tom Conner, Director at Drewberry Insurance


Drewberry have collected over 2,350 reviews with us and have an average star rating of 4.92 - an incredible achievement. They've recieved some wonderful testimonials, with customers citing how safe they felt being taken care of by such a professional, thorough team.


The reviews Drewberry have collected have helped them increase traffic to their site, boost staff morale, learn about their company in order to continously improve, and increase conversion of their site by 11%.

We’ve actually had a lot of reviews where the client has said they read our reviews prior to becoming a client so their expectations were high and we didn’t disappoint. I think this clearly shows the impact positive reviews can have on potential new customers. - Tom Conner, Director at Drewberry Insurance

In fact, Drewberry have been so please with their results so far, they even wrote a blog post about it!

Final Words

Drewberry work incredibly hard to deliver a truly special service to their customers and having this in writing has proven an invaluable asset. A quick scan over Drewberry's reviews is enough to give any potential customer a sterling first impression of the company, which the team never seem to disappoint on.

They've done extremely well on their review journey so far, and we loook forward to see their customer feedback stacking up over the years to come - well done, Drewberry!

Reviews.io have been fantastic to work with. Their reviews platform is excellent, the support is great and the pricing is very competitive. Given the marketing power of positive reviews, they’ve been a real growth enabler for us. I’d definitely recommend. - Tom Conner, Director at Drewberry Insurance

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