Garden Street Gin Club stands as a beacon in the Australian market, proudly holding the title of the largest gin subscription club in the country. With a global mission to deliver exceptional craft gins to Australian doorsteps, the club offers a unique experience in every box.
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Each package is a craft gin lover’s dream, complete with a full-sized bottle of premium gin, perfectly paired tonics, garnishes, snacks, gifts, and an insightful monthly magazine. Their commitment to free delivery, flexible memberships, and no-lock-in contracts emphasizes a customer-first approach.

However, with such an attractive offer, Garden Street Gin Club faced a significant challenge: proving their value and authenticity to potential customers. This is where the journey with begins.

The Challenge

For a subscription service like Garden Street Gin Club, where the products are as diverse and ever-changing as their subscribers' preferences, establishing credibility and trust is crucial. The main hurdle? Convincing potential customers that their seemingly "too good to be true" offer was indeed real and beneficial.

In a market flooded with options, Garden Street Gin Club needed to stand out, not just through their exceptional products and service, but by showcasing genuine customer experiences and satisfaction. They understood that the key to winning customer trust was through transparent and authentic reviews, but how could they effectively gather and display this crucial social proof?

The Solution: Choosing and Klaviyo

The quest for an ideal review platform led Garden Street Gin Club back to in March 2023 after experimenting with various other platforms.

The club's unique requirements called for a solution that was not just efficient but also user-friendly and impactful. stood out with its easy-to-navigate interface, simplifying collecting and managing reviews.

This ease of use was crucial for a business centered around frequent changes in product offerings due to its subscription nature. Additionally, the potential for building a reputable image through accumulating a significant number of authentic reviews and UGCs was a key factor in their decision.

The integration of into Garden Street Gin Club's business model was seamless, especially with their email service provider, Klaviyo. One particularly effective strategy was the implementation of review invitation emails through Klaviyo flow, sent three weeks after the initial order. This timing ensured that customers had ample experience with the product, leading to more detailed and meaningful reviews.

With the help of and Klaviyo, Garden Street Gin Club can build productive automation to gain authentic customer reviews with less effort. They can then unlock numerous possibilities to elevate engagement and conversion strategies using customer feedback with targeted email marketing.

Why & Klaviyo is a perfect combo

Klaviyo is excellent at email marketing with personalized and targeted communication solutions. Its strength lies in the ability to segment audiences based on their behaviors and preferences, enabling merchants to send automated, tailored email campaigns. This level of personalization not only enhances customer engagement but also significantly improves the chances of conversion and customer retention.

Therefore, has partnered closely with Klaviyo in terms of matching features and support. Integrating both platforms allows businesses to automate collecting feedback through personalized email campaigns. Automation saves time and resources, allowing business owners to focus on other critical aspects of their eCommerce operations.

Klaviyo also allows users to set the wait time for review invitation emails and reminders to fit the nature of the businesses. For example, a fashion and apparel store can set up a review request automation right after customers receive an order. However, the review invitation emails from Garden Street Gin Club will wait three weeks because their products usually require customers to spend some time experiencing them.

Not only helping with review collection, but the synergy between and Klaviyo also facilitates responsive review management, creating a review-driven sales funnel and achieving a cohesive customer experience

Results and Benefits

Since incorporating into their online store, Garden Street Gin Club has witnessed a remarkable transformation in customer perception and brand reputation. The platform has empowered them to earn the trust of their customers in several ways:

Enhanced Customer Trust: The presence of genuine, unbiased customer reviews has significantly bolstered the credibility of Garden Street Gin Club. New customers, initially skeptical about the quality and value of the subscription service, are now reassured by the positive experiences shared by others. A testimonial carousel and a UGC gallery on the Garden Street Gin Club homepage effectively set a positive impression on site visitors. Book a demo with if you want to enhance customer trust.

Ability to Respond to Negative Reviews: No business is immune to the occasional negative review, but how a company responds can make all the difference. With, Garden Street Gin Club has the ability to contact customers directly and address their concerns, often turning a negative experience into a positive one. provides a reviews collecting page where store owners can see both Company and Product Reviews, reply to negative feedback, share positive comments on social channels, and more.

Reputation Growth: As the number of reviews grew, so did the club's reputation. A decent average score from a growing number of reviews has helped cement Garden Street Gin Club as a reputable and trustworthy brand in the eyes of both existing and potential customers. also lets Garden Street Gin Club leverage their social proof in a renowned community like Barrel Lane while their pre-existing reviews were minimal.

The measurable benefits of using are evident in the improved customer engagement and increased subscription rates. The ability to showcase real customer experiences and respond effectively to feedback has been instrumental in Garden Street Gin Club's growth and success.

Garden Street Gin Club Succeed with, You CAN Too!

The journey of Garden Street Gin Club with is a testament to the power of customer feedback in shaping a brand’s narrative and trustworthiness. By harnessing the authentic voices of their customers, the club has not only reinforced its commitment to quality and service but has also carved out a distinguished place in the competitive market of subscription services.

The case of Garden Street Gin Club underscores an essential truth in today's digital marketplace: genuine customer reviews are invaluable assets that can propel a business to new heights of credibility and success.

The club's proactive approach to managing and responding to customer reviews highlights the importance of engagement and customer experience in building a reputable brand. From enhancing customer trust to addressing feedback with sincerity, Garden Street Gin Club’s story is a compelling example of how integrating the right tools and strategies can lead to remarkable growth and customer loyalty.

You can achieve that too. Are you looking to elevate your brand’s reputation and customer trust? Discover how can transform your business’s approach to customer feedback, much like it did for Garden Street Gin Club. For those intrigued by the premium gin experience, explore the world of craft gins with Garden Street Gin Club and become part of a community that values quality, variety, and exceptional service. Begin your journey today and see how the right reviews can make all the difference.

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