Take your reviews one step further by sharing them on social media sites, or turn them into retargeted ads!
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You're seeing the great rewards from review collection and publication, but did you know you can reach more like-minded shoppers to join your brand community? Find out how you can quickly share your reviews on the most widely used social media sites, as well as turn your amusing, moving or endearing reviews into retargeted ads, to draw customers back to your website.

Facebook and Twitter

The first port of call to maximise your review benefits is to take advantage of social media sites. REVIEWS.io already offer businesses the opportunity to collect and publish Company Reviews on Facebook (and Google) in order to harness the social power of these influential areas, but you can also share company reviews to Facebook and Twitter, which then appear as images in your feed.

Sharing your reviews for all your followers to see helps permeate your services to a wider audience, as your message is passed through a community and beyond. And with the power of social proof, casual browsers can become your brand advocates.

Simply choose a Company Review from your timeline you want to tell everyone about, and click the share button. From here you can shorten the review, as well as choose the size of the text. When you're happy, share away on either Facebook or Twitter!

Get shoppers back on track

The second port of call is to turn your reviews into specific retargeted ads, also known as Google Display Ads. Not only is review retargeted advertising a marketing strategy we advocate, but you can really gather insights into what your audience wants, as well as have a bit of fun along the way!

You may have a particular service or product that you find shoppers end up hovering around, its clearly racking up interest, but that next step to the checkout is falling short. Your shopper may have had full intentions to use your services, became distracted and the action was never terminated. Whatever the story - review retargeted ads displayed on Google are the perfect solution to get your shoppers back on track, to help see greater conversion.

Ad retargeting

The first step in turning your reviews into retargeted ads is to narrow down areas and/or individuals not converting. When you've established your particular pain area, you have to use your relevant, strongest and most influential customer's voice.

Finding the perfect Company or Product Review may feel like searching for a needle in haystack; in a sea of great reviews and feedback, where do you begin?

Set the right tone

Depending on what you're trying to sell, you have four quadrants into which shoppers will fall, which we can determine using the classic FCB grid: Low or High involvement, and Think or Feel information processing.

If you're selling an everyday item, your customers will fall into the Low-Think category. Look for quick informative reviews, such as "My whites shine ten times brighter, it really does the job!" Sensory pleasing everyday items such as feel-good food use Low-Feel processing, so look for emotive reviews: "Every bite is like a hug whilst sitting by the fire."

More expensive items fall into High-Think and High-Feel categories. Home insurance or a new car fall into the former and require precise, on-point reviews: "[Fill-In-The-Blank] Insurance couldn't have been more attentive, they made sure my cover was arranged down to a T." And High-Feel items such as jewellery or cosmetics need to make people feel good about themselves: "I look and feel amazing - my skin has a soft and healthy glow, and friends and family can't stop telling me how radiant I am!"

Turn reviews into ads

When you've narrowed down the perfect Company or Product Review, you can start turning it into an ad. Within the Reviews.io Dashboard simply select the review in question within the timeline, and then click the create advert button.

There are a selection of options to determine the size and layout of your review retargeted ad, which can appear at the top, middle, bottom or side of a webpage. You can add an image and edit your CTA, as well as customise the colour theme, text, and colour of your stars.

When you’re satisfied with your honed review retargeted ad, you can publish it to Google! The examples given may not be relevant to your business, as every company is unique, the overall take-home is to just use your strongest, most relevant review, without bogging shoppers down with too many details.

Blog summary

Amplify your customers voice to create dialogue and new brand advocates by sharing your great user-generated feedback to Facebook and Twitter, and turn those voices into socially-compelling ads.

Reviews.io makes it easy to achieve both, where at the click of a button you can do more with your Company Reviews and Product Reviews.

To share your reviews or start creating ads, login to your Reviews.io Dashboard, or if you’re looking to begin your review journey and start reaping the rewards, sign up to a free trial today.

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