What makes a good quality review?

Our new iOS app lets consumers find local businesses and write reviews on the go. We reward consumers for writing great quality reviews by giving cash credits which can be donated to selected charities. We encourage quality review writing, because this helps not only online consumers but also gives good feedback to businesses owners.


How do we define “great quality”, though? There are a number of criteria we use:-

1) Review length

Longer reviews are more useful than reviews containing just a few reviews. More sentences and paragraphs giving in-depth detail about your experience with the company are preferred because they are more useful and informative to those reading them.

2) Spelling and grammar

Reviews which are most useful are those which are well-written, make sense to everyone, and do not use abbreviations or slang in their content. Text speak also is not really very useful, so please try to avoid that.

3) Include relevant details

Include details such as times and dates of your experience as these give context to your review of a company’s service. Online consumers can make their own decision based on when the review was written. More recent reviews may be more useful than older reviews. However, if any issues are highlighted in older reviews which still come up in newer reviews, this is useful as it may indicate that the company in question has not yet changed their procedures to fix the problem.

4) Do not include non-relevant details

Do not include names of staff members at companies or non-relevant information, even if your experience with an individual is positive.

5) Do not write any inflammatory remarks

Being abusive in an online review is not going to be useful, and is likely not to be displayed publicly if it can be proven that any libellous remarks have taken place.

6) Negative reviews should still be good

A good review does not have to be positive. Good reviews are simply useful to those reading them. If you had a negative experience then you are of course entitled to share that experience, but please ensure that you include only relevant information about your experience, and do not single out individuals in your review comments.

An example review template

A good review includes the store name, some pros and cons, your review comments and a short summary or conclusion if needed. Here’s an example of what would constitute a useful review:-

Name of store
Bob’s Amazing Restaurant

Pros: list of positives
e.g. fast service, good prices

Cons: list of negatives
e.g. they ran out of soup

Review Content

Description of your experience. You can tell a short story of events if you have enough to say.

e.g. Upon arrival I was quickly seated by a friendly member of staff who made us feel really welcome. The atmosphere of the restaurant was great and overall, the food and prices were great. The only slight complaint was that they ran out of soup, but I was offered an alternative so it wasn’t too much of an issue, especially as they were so nice.

Review Conclusion

e.g. Had a lovely meal with my family, they were really helpful even though they didn’t have any soup.

Reasons why this example review is useful include:-

1) It lets other consumers know they have great services
2) It lets other consumers know this is a family-friendly restaurant
3) It lets other consumers know the food quality and prices are good.


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