We’re all for fair competition in business. It keeps us on our toes and encourages us to better provide for clients by continually improving our solutions. But the keyword here is fair. For us, this means ethics, honesty and transparency. It’s come to our attention lately that Yotpo has been playing less than fair, misinforming potential clients on the particulars of our services. We want to set the record straight and put mistruths to bed with an open response.
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Here’s what we have to say about some of the claims that have been made about Reviews.io.  

Our Review Collection Process

Yotpo have been known to say that our company  and product review requests are clumped together – you can’t send one without the other. This means customers are less likely to respond.

We’d be a pretty poor review collection service if this was the case. The invitations you send are entirely up to you, whether for a company review, a product review, or both. And as an added bonus, you can also ask for photo reviews, bringing extra authenticity to customer feedback, and local reviews, boosting your visibility in localised searches.

We even re-imagined a world where review content can be beautifully presented on all the major social networks, which is why we have created a function called 'Socal Proof' to allow you to easily create these.


Yotpo have been spinning that our reviews are bundled into one – you can’t separate them into groups.

Again, if this were the case, we’d have to go back to the drawing board with our offering. The reality is our Branches feature allows you to set up custom groups and tags. You can distinguish between services, locations, even team members. You can also easily group reviews by things like category, colour and price. Simple.


They believe Reviews.io do not have an auto-reminder function. If you want to follow up on a review request, you’ll have to do it manually.

Your customers are busy, and their inboxes are even busier. Your initial review request might get buried under an avalanche of emails, or it might just catch the recipient at the wrong time. Using our robust auto-reminder function, you can give your customers a gentle nudge by setting a review reminder for a set period of time after the original request. It’s our recommendation that you do this with caution though. Too soon or too often can do more damage than good.

Yotpo think our review forms are not customisable, and if you choose to include attributes these won’t be shown on public-facing platforms.

Let’s tackle customisation first. Our drag and drop templates are incredibly simple to edit and allow you to match your email forms to your brand identity. You can also design your own HTML template if you have the coding know-how.


As for attributes, these are easy to set up via your dashboard, and can be multiple choice or open-ended. It’s up to you whether you want these published or not. If you do, they’re easily added to our API and can be displayed on your on-site widgets.

Yotpo said Reviews.io do not allow you to upsell or add dynamic coupons to your review invitations.

If you want to promote additional products or services in your review requests you can, it’s a very simple process. But we advise caution when adding sales material to feedback invitations. This form of marketing falls under a different area of GDPR, and you could well find yourself in hot water if operating under European law.

Dynamic coupons, on the other hand, are a great way to incentivise your customers. That’s why we offer two solutions. We integrate with a number of eCommerce platforms, including Shopify and Magento, and it’s easy to replicate a voucher code in your Reviews.io dashboard. This will be revealed to customers once they’ve left their feedback. We also integrate with both Smile.io and Loyalty Lion, two of the most popular eCommerce loyalty platforms.

The SEO Benefits of Our Solution

Our competitors said when potential customers click on the Reviews.io widget on your website, they’re directed away from your page to theirs.

This simply isn’t true. The only outbound link is the Reviews.io logo, and you can choose to hide this when setting up your chosen widget. We know that every client is different, so we’ve created a wide range of widgets, all designed with simplicity in mind. Far from diverting traffic away from your site, our widgets allow you to dynamically display valuable feedback that bolsters your reputation. And if you’re after something bespoke, we’ll design a customised solution just for you.

Duplication of reviews means you’re losing out on SEO benefits.

In a nutshell, we don’t duplicate reviews. If you choose to showcase customer feedback on multiple platforms, we’ll ‘noindex’ your review profile page. Google won’t see this as duplicate content, and you’ll still reap all the SEO benefits.

Q&A Functionality

Yotpo Said:  The Reviews.io Q&A feature only allows client responses – the public are unable to reply to posted queries. This means you’re missing out when it comes to creating a ‘customer community’.

We say that there’s truth in this claim – we don’t allow the public to respond on your behalf, and with good reason. The last thing you want is a Q&A feed cluttered with spam, incorrect or irrelevant content. This can lead to lower conversion rates and in the worst case scenario, damage your reputation beyond repair. Whilst there are benefits to hosting a community Q&A, moderation is both timely and expensive, and those benefits rarely warrant the investment.


Instead, we provide an Expert Answers widget. You’ll be notified when a query is submitted and have the chance to privately or publicly respond. This ensures all the information your customers see is factually correct and on point. It’s also the most cost effective and time efficient way of keeping them in the loop.  

Our Moderation Policy

Our competitors say: You have no control over your reviews, since they’re all automatically posted on Reviews.io and, if you choose, your website. If you want to remove a review, you’ll need to contact them and explain why.

Our purpose is to provide an authentic review experience for both you and your customers. Anything less would be a waste of your time. All verified reviews are published, but if you feel you’ve received fake, defamatory or libellous feedback, you can easily flag it via your dashboard, and it’ll be removed from all customer facing platforms while investigated.

If you receive a negative review, you have full control to respond publicly or privately to settle the issue. This is the most effective way to build trust among your customer base, and ultimately, to improve your product or service. Once you’ve resolved the situation, you can invite the customer to revise their review. Auto-moderating negative feedback goes against Google’s seller ratings and product review policies and can lead to penalisation.


We believe in full transparency, as any third party review collector should. But we’re also here to help you get the most from your feedback. So, when you set up a widget on your website, you can choose to only push your 4 and 5 star ratings out to the public.

Our Reporting Functionality

Our competitors say: Reviews.io has limited reporting functionality. It offers no performance analytics, and no way to measure ROI.

This is perhaps the most ludicrous claim of all, since our comprehensive analytics solution provides access to copious amounts of valuable data. What’s more, we’ve made it incredibly easy for you, by pulling statistics into ten insightful sections.

You can access information on email deliveries, including open, bounce, click-through and conversion rates, your Net Promoter Score, best and worst performing groups, engagement, and collated answers to attribute questions. You can even see the most commonly used words throughout your reviews with our Sentiment Analysis feature.

Essentially, we provide you with all the information you need to improve your offering, stay ahead of your competition, and make an informed decision on ROI. And if there’s something we’ve missed just drop us a line and we’ll work with you to tailor our solution to your exact requirements.  

So there it is. Our open response to our competitors claims about our solution. We hope that’s cleared a few things up for you and you can now make a well informed decision when choosing your review collection service provider. If you have any further questions at all you can check out our resources page or use the live chat to talk to a member of our team.

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