Take all your hard-earned customer reviews further afield to create a multi-channel experience, enabling your brand advocates to reach shoppers wherever they are with offline reviews.
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You may be very well aware of the immense benefits displaying your reviews on your website can have, as well as getting those shining review stars into both paid and organic Google listings, but that's not the final stop for your reviews - not by a long shot. You earned that feedback, so why not shout it from the rooftops and use your reviews offline as well!

Offline reviews

Although the internet has taken over, more than 90% of individuals watch TV each week, 90% of the UK population listen to the radio, and over 60% trust traditional advertising, with 45% making purchases after seeing an ad in print. The case for offline and outdoor advertising is still going strong, so why not take advantage of it and get your reviews out there to drive additional traffic to your business, and improve your bottom line.

Displaying your reviews offline

If you're already using traditional offline advertising means, give them some extra validation and add your review stars, rating, or even a review itself to not only showcase how much your customers love your brand, but to also convey your openness to customer feedback, helping cement trust in your business.

And if you don't use offline means? You might just think twice when you see what you can do with your reviews!

TV (& YouTube)

BEER52's most recent advert features their fantastic 5 star rating along with the Reviews.io logo at the end of their ad. After showcasing what they have to offer, they seal the deal by displaying to shoppers how other like-minded individuals feel about their products. The consensus is they love it.

They don't need to add review content, because that hard-earned rating speaks volumes about customer satisfaction and trust.


BUILT/ have also recently released a TV advert which depicts their customers buying journey, with a review displayed at the end of that journey alongside the Reviews.io logo.

BUILT/ demonstrate how smooth it is to use their services, and the review at the end reflects that not only through it's content, but the context of how quick and simple it is to complete the process. Customer satisfaction is emphasised from start to finish.

TV screens

BUILT/ also go beyond their online audience by taking reviews to their bricks-and-mortar stores, displaying their customer-generated content across TV screens; the offline equivalent of adding a widget to your website. Individuals can see what you have to offer and decide for themselves how they feel about those items or services. Adding reviews to the equation enables shoppers to reinforce or appraise their decisions, giving them a richer buying experience.

By adding their reviews to monitors, BUILT/ not only reach shoppers who may not seek their services online, something BUILT/ has incorporated into their business with a Drive-Through system,  but also encourage those in-store individuals to actively want to leave a review themselves.

If people can instantly see like-minded individuals went out of their way to give feedback, they may be more inclined to do so after their purchase as well, completing the circle and building trust, visibility, sales and your customer base.

Wall displays

Fleet Trak have painstakingly curated a wall of all their fantastic customer-generated feedback within their office, which encompasses review rating, the review itself, as well as their customer's name. Fleet Trak wanted to openly display their customer opinions and sentiments for new prospects, current clients and general visitors to read, encouraging interactions with engaging and thought-provoking content.

Displaying feedback in this way encourages current clients to leave their own review if they haven't already done so, boosting conversion. And if a current client is able to see their feedback has been valued so much to be displayed, that facilitates even greater business relations. It also cements confidence in Fleet Trak as a trusted business with new clients, and due to the nature of the display, their reviews help make a visit to Fleet Trak's office memorable, positively putting their business at the forefront of individuals' minds.


The Drain Unblocking Company take the REVIEWS.io logo with them wherever they go.

Although they don't directly add their average rating, stars, or customer reviews to their vehicles, adding the Reviews.io logo to their vans has a similar effect of adding our Trusted Site badge to your website. Individuals see the company and the reviews logo and instantly know:

A) The Drain Unblocking Company welcome their customers' feedbackB) They collect those reviews with an impartial review platform, andC) They must be pretty good if they're happy to boldly display that on their vehicles!

All steps in the right direction to cement your brand - and brand trust - in shoppers' minds. Going down this route and using reviews offline, albeit indirectly, enables consumers to pair The Drain Unblocking Company together with their customer-centric approach as they shop around. These two factors can then easily be recalled at a later date, with The Drain Unblocking Company positively at the forefront.


Direct Cars use their reviews offline by applying their customer recommendation percentage to their radio ads.

Unlike TV or print advertising as we have seen for BUILT/ and The Drain Unblocking Company, people can't see a star or average review rating on the radio. Direct Cars ingeniously take their reviews to the airwaves, proudly announcing the percentage of customers who recommend them, driving home such high customer satisfaction.

Whether you're at home, work, out and about, travelling, or on vacation - the radio is an easy listen, and reaches far and wide. The radio can target a huge range of potential customers not necessarily drawn to services via online methods, and requires very low-level involvement.

Although the words 'low' and 'involvement' aren't deemed to go cheerfully hand-in-hand for brands, in this instance reviews and ratings within a radio ad work intuitively. We may not exactly remember that 96% of customers recommend Direct Cars, but we definitely remember they're doing something right to have so many happy customers.

This bodes well for Direct Cars, as offline reviews help put their business head and shoulders above their competitors as shoppers browse for new and used cars.

Other things to do with reviews

Even though this post is predominantly about displaying your reviews offline, there are also other online areas you can display your reviews besides your website.

Reviews.io offer businesses the opportunity to add their reviews to their emails, using our Email Review Signature widget. This enables any recipient of the email to instantly see the business' review total and average star rating, both backed by the accompaniment of the REVIEWS.io logo. As mentioned, the addition of our logo signifies all customer feedback is collected with an impartial platform, supporting authenticity and giving credence to the stars and ratings.

The widget is dynamic, meaning with every new review you receive your total and star rating will be reflected, keeping your content up to date and representative!

Finally, if you have a Youtube channel, take reviews to your videos! And if your company has social media accounts, you can add your reviews to your Instagram Feed or Snapchat stories. Reviews are by your customers, for your customers, so enable the individuals that advocate your business to get the most out of them, and create a multi-channel experience.

Blog summary

The above are just examples of what some of our clients do with their reviews offline - the sky really is the limit (sky banners, anyone?). Get creative with your reviews when adding them to your offline advertising:

  • TV, whether via live broadcasting or on static monitors in-store
  • YouTube
  • Radio
  • Print advertising such as newspapers & magazines, billboards, flyers and posters
  • Social media
  • Window or vehicle stickers

Not every channel may be appropriate for your business, and not every business has the means to create a brand new offline advertising campaign. Start small by using them on any current social media channels, or geographically within one of your stores.

Whatever you do, if you're able to catch your shoppers eye with a star, percentage, or a logo, then you're strengthening your brand against competitors, helping to build brand advocates. If you want to know more about collecting, publishing or managing your reviews, visit our website, or get in touch with a member of our team today!

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