Increase review collection conversion rates by offering your customers a Voucher Code for completing a review. Voucher codes are also a great way to increase sales with repeat customers.

Offering Vouchers

To get started, visit the Collection Settings sub menu in the Company Setup Menu, in your Reviews Dashboard.


On the Review Collector Page Settings page, choose "Voucher Codes" from the list of available settings.

voucher codes

Finally, on the Voucher Codes page, click "Add New". Here you can add a voucher code, an expiry date, and the description of the code.

The code needs to also be set up in your eCommerce platform accordingly, so make sure you do this step before you add these to your email!

Add Voucher

The voucher code will appear after the customer has written their review.

Voucher Code Example

Voucher Code notes

After you have created a voucher code make sure you edit your "Review Invitation Email" to reflect the offer. We recommend changing the subject line to: "Review and get a 10% Voucher Code or something similar."

Voucher codes are only displayed after the customer has completed a review.

Important: Voucher Codes must be offered to all customers and not be dependant on the review given.

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