The review collection platform allows you to export your reviews as pre-sized Google Display Ads, and import them directly into your Google Adwords campaigns straight from our dashboard. Use your new ads for remarketing to your recent site visitors.

How Google Display Ads are Generated by

Remarketing ads can be created using both Company and Product reviews. The procedure is the same in either case. Firstly, you'll need to login to your account,. You'll be presented with your Timeline. Here, you can filter Company or Product reviews by a range of criteria, including date range and star rating. Choose the filters applicable to you. Google Display Ad Creator Choose an appropriate glowing review from your list and select "Create Advert, then "Google Advert" from the drop-down options available in the Menu. Google Display Ad Creator Choose a template from the sizes available in the list and select a colour scheme from the "Choose Theme" widget at the top. The Google Display Ads we output are available in 4 common sizes, appropriate for most screen resolutions.
  • 160x600px Skyscraper
  • 336x280 Large Rectangle
  • 300x250 Medium Rectangle
  • 728x90 Leaderboard Google Display Ad Creator The ads are generated using a combination of settings from your dashboard, in which a number of options are available. Google Display Ad Creator Image. Your company logo is added to your adverts directly from your account. Uploading a customer image during the ad creation process will display it as part of your advert. Review Snippet. The all-important review content written by your customer. There is a fine balance between getting your point across and overwhelming your audience with too much text in an advert, so you may wish to edit the text for length. Text Size. Standard or Large text available. Review Details. The reviewer's name and the date written is added here automatically, but remains editable. Call to Action. This editable text forms the content of the button pictured on your Display Ad. Colour. We supply 4 pre-set colour palettes for you but you can choose any colours you like to match your branding here. Google Display Ads Creator Choose any colour you wish for the ad background, text, call to action, stars and the logo background.

Automatically upload Display Ads to Google

Once you've chosen your Display Ad creative, you can upload them directly into any running Google Display Ads campaign from this screen. You'll first need to link your Google Adwords account by clicking the appropriate button. Google Display Ad Creator Once linked, you'll be able to create your Remarketing campaign directly from the dashboard. Alternatively, you can download the advert to your computer and manually upload it to Adwords later on. You can set your targeting options using the options below. Visitors. You will be remarketing to visitors of this URL. Target Page. The landing page for your advert. Maximum Cost Per Click. Your bid for this advert. Adwords Campaign. Upload this image as an ad into the campaign you choose here. You can adjust and fine-tune your campaign after you have uploaded your images in the Google Adwords dashboard, as usual.

Benefits of adding reviews to Google Display Ads

83.2% of consumers state that the presence of reviews is most influential in their buying decisions. By adding reviews to previous visitors of your site, you are reminding customers of the trust that people place in your business. Displaying company reviews is especially great if you are a service-based industry, while displaying product reviews may be more appropriate if you are an eCommerce company. Google lets you choose your retargeting audience by URL visited. You can create very specific adverts highlighting past customer reviews of a product. The great benefit is that these ads serve as a reminder to someone who is interested in a product on your website, while highlighting previous reviews from other customers. Turning reviews into Google Display Ads is available in our Growing Business package. Request your free demo of by clicking any of the buttons on this page. If you have any questions about the platform, just give us a call.