If you are looking to start collecting reviews from your customer but are concerned about how long it will take you to get to the magic 100 number which Google requires, read on. When you sign up with Reviews.io (even for our free trial), you can contact a list of recent customers to ask them for reviews. This is achieved by uploading a .csv file containing your customer details and order numbers. We'll turn that information into a beautiful email which asks your customers for a review. Our emails have the highest response/conversion rates in the industry. It's fully customisable, or you can choose from one of ours. Here are some examples from our customers. biscuiteers reviews.co.uk email confused reviews.co.uk email mrclutch reviews.co.uk email These emails are set up once and sent out automatically, without any input from you. You can create more than one email for unlimited A/B testing. This will help you work out which email is getting the best response rates. You can combine a company review request with a product review request - why not ask for both reviews at the same time? We've produced a blog post previously which explains how to create a Review Booster .csv, but you can find full instructions in our support centre. To get started with collecting reviews for your business today, sign up for a free demo today.