We’re thrilled to announce that independent technology marketplace, G2, has rewarded REIVIEWS.io as one of its top 15 product review software providers for 2020.

The last few months have been a challenge for everyone, including us, so it’s rewarding to know the hard work we’ve put into improving our solution has paid off. We’re incredibly proud of all our staff, who’ve managed to maintain excellent standards of both customer service and innovation, despite working remotely and in environments that haven’t always proved suitable.

They’ve gone the extra mile to ensure proactive communication, with the increased use of Google Hangouts and carefully documented workflows. In fact, their response has allowed us to improve in areas that are often overlooked in normal circumstances.

It’s thanks to them that we rank so highly among other review collection providers and that we’re able to offer features that set us apart from the crowd.

Review Features That You Need.

We believe the features that set us apart from our competition are the very features you need to set you apart from yours. It’s why we developed them and made them available on all plans at no additional cost.

Every new addition to the REVIEWS.io service is built around your needs and designed to help you effectively grow your online reputation. Here’s a look at some of the updates we’ve introduced this year. You’ll find they all come as standard with every one of our price plans.

1. Social Proof

One of the best ways to build buyer trust and bolster your online reputation is to share reviews as widely as possible. We wanted to make the process of doing so super-efficient, so we created our social proof feature.

REVIEWS.io clients can now easily take their customer feedback and convert it into eye-catching images and banners, using layouts from our growing library of stock designs, or by pulling visuals directly from their own social media profiles. It’s allowed our clients to get extra mileage out of each and every review, and to celebrate their success on a much wider scale.

2. Video Reviews

Text and photo reviews have their place, but neither speak as loudly as video. It’s the medium most capable of evoking emotion, and when consumers use it to share their experience, it takes customer feedback to a whole new level.

Since launching video reviews as standard we’ve seen a fantastic response, with high quality, content-rich footage that really helps our clients build stories around their brand. We’ve also seen some ingenious video reviews come out of lockdown, as people adapt to a new way of life by using products in the most unexpected ways.

3. FREE SMS Review Collection

This is a widely available feature, but often comes at an additional cost. At REVIEWS.io, we stay on top of buyer habits and adjust our product accordingly. Since consumers now want a seamless review experience that can be handled directly from their mobile, our SMS invites are Free.

What’s more, they’re incredibly effective – with SMS Reviews have 3x better conversion rate when compared to email invitations – and a great way to encourage video reviews. From start to finish, SMS invites offer a single device solution for customers to celebrate your brand with high impact footage. Not only is this great for promotion, but it also allows you to see exactly how your products or services are being received.

Collection 3rd Party Review

For a really worthwhile review collection campaign, it’s essential to work with a Google Licensed Review Partner, like us. All feedback gathered via REVIEWS.io contributes to your Google Seller Rating, and we all know how influential they are to your online reputation.

If you’re looking to build buyer trust on additional platforms, our solution can help there too. You can easily direct customers to your Facebook page through review invitations, helping to build trust with your social following. And with the introduction of Facebook Shops, this is now more important than ever.

Our Own Top Performers

Whilst not a feature of our product, we also believe what sets us apart is how much pride we take in sharing the success of our clients. Largely inspired by G2’s own independent reviews and ratings, we recently celebrated our own top performers by announcing our Customer Voice Awards Winners: Summer 2020.

REVIEWS.io Ranked #1 for Ease of Use

As well as coming being rewarded for overall performance, we grabbed G2.com’s top spot for ease of use. This is something we’re really proud of, since we’ve invested a lot of time in improving our client dashboard this year.

Our goal is to provide the best possible client experience with an intuitive product that’s user friendly, easy to navigate and frustration free. And whilst we’ve made significant improvements over the last few months, we’re not done yet. It’s an area we’ll continue to focus on to ensure we hold on to that ease of use top spot.

Features like social proof and video reviews have significantly changed the way our clients are sharing their customer feedback and it’s amazing to see how review campaigns are evolving. But there’s always scope for more, and as a multinational team, we strive for success globally.

With offices in the UK, the US, Germany and Australia, we’ve made sure expert support is always available whenever and wherever needed. Not only does this lead to client satisfaction, it also helps us build a good understanding of what our clients want. And that understanding informs every decision we make, ensuring our product grows and develops in line with the changing needs of our clients and their customers.