It's been an incredibly busy 2018 here at, we've expanded and made developments every step of the way, so let's continue as we mean to go on - here's to an equally successful 2019!

Over the course of the year we've made some fantastic additions and updates to the solution and platform; have grown our client-base to over 4,000; as well as welcomed multiple people to the team!

Here's a rundown of the year:

Q1: Jan, Feb, March

Q2: April, May, June

Q3: July, Aug, Sep

Q4: Oct, Nov, Dec

Let's take a look!


Sarah Brimblecombe I kicked off the year by joining's UK based office in January as Head of Content. I took over the voice of the blog, and over the past 12 months have overseen and created the content for the platform online and offline, and across our social channels, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. It's been an absolute journey working here so far - I can't wait to see what the New Year brings!


We increased our engagement across Twitter by reaching out to companies whose customers were leaving them reviews. By posting their latest reviews socially, we help raise awareness of the great things their customers are saying, as well as any grievances.

Some companies are not familiar with the benefits customer feedback can have for them, and others may not be aware of pain points within their service. Therefore, reaching out to companies with their genuine reviews enables them to take positive action.


March was a whirlwind. We began conducting case studies regularly to hear about how our clients were benefitting from active review collection.  We are able to garner great insight into review conversion rates, organic and paid on-site conversion rates, as well as learn what features our clients were getting the most from.

Many see better traffic due to their stars displaying in Google listings, an increased online reputation and better customer relations, as well as an overall improved bottom line! Find out how our client Pure Planet Recycling increased their traffic 15%! You can read all of our case studies here.

We were also able to take on board suggestions and improve our own service from the feedback gained, with our new Competitor Analysis feature rolled out in November, suggested by our client BUILT/.

Our Review Collector Page had a small facelift in March, seeing new customisation options which include multiple choice questions, a preview feature, and question re-ordering. You can read more about the features in the link above.

At the end of March, our Business Growth Director, Matthew Johnson, and Senior Sales Manager, Kehan Vale, headed to the MTEX Marketing Technology Expo in London. They had a great time discussing the benefits of reviews, with Matthew giving a talk about how businesses can improve their online presence and reputation with our Local Reviews solution.

At the end of the expo, Kehan headed to California to establish our US office. It was an uphill battle, but with hard work and determination, has cemented itself within the US market, of which we are extremely proud, along with Kehan's fantastic efforts.


April saw 2 new exciting additions both online and offline; the YouTube channel, and our new In-store App!

Our YouTube channel features friendly review tips, guides, and FAQ's to aid review understanding, collection and features and solutions. We want to make review collection achievable for all businesses, and the first step is increasing awareness of review benefits across all channels, as well as provide easily-digestible guides on more technical aspects of review collection, publication and management.

The new In-store App was a breath of fresh air for our trade and bricks-and-mortar clients. The In-store app - which can be downloaded on any iOS tablet - enables businesses to gather their genuine customer feedback right there and then, after their customers' purchase or service experience. It can be used anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection, and is a fantastic asset to's feature set.

[video width="1196" height="806" mp4="/storage/app/media/blog/uploads/2018/04/in-store-app-demo.mp4"][/video]

If you're a client, you can get the app by heading to the Apple App Store and download the In-Store App.

Please note: The app is only available on iOS tablet devices, and will not work on mobile or desktop.


The Resource Library was launched, containing a collection of downloadable resource packs, consisting of individual PDFs covering topics such as Seller Ratings & Stars in Google, CTR, PPC, Conversion & ROI as well as Case Studies and various Guides.

The Resource Library offers clients and companies another way to access documents to aid review understanding, collection and features and solutions.

Our COO, Tom Goodwin, joined the UK team mid-May. Tom has made, and continues to make, vast improvements internally within He has helped grow the US team, and has spearheaded the beginnings of our Australian office.

Finally, we ended May be welcoming Developer, Florin Marina, to the UK team. Florin has worked on and developed impressive new features displayed on the front-end of our website for businesses and shoppers, as well as for clients within the Dashboard.


Our US office grew by 1 in June, when Senior Sales Executive, Nathan Kennedy, joined us. Nathan helped establish the US office with Kehan, and over the months has introduced successful strategies and improved the way in which the Sales team sets up demonstrations.


We expanded our Tweeting Stream in July, by reaching out to shoppers for their valued feedback. Asking individuals if they'd like to go one step further and officially review a company enables shoppers to see cares about their voice being heard, no matter what the sentiment.

It also emphasises to those businesses that they have shoppers who are talking about their business, and who are willing to leave reviews, underpinning the need for effective review management.

July also saw 3 new team members join Our Account Executive, Lewis Finch, is part of the UK based office, and has developed great relations with both our clients and their shoppers, positively enhancing the brand.

Senior Account Executive, John Blum, joined Kehan and Nathan in the US based office, and has been and continues to be a fantastic asset, building our US client-base.


And lastly, our Customer Success Executive, Hitesh Bhatt, joined the UK team. Hitesh has nurtured our current client relations, helping to give our clients the best review experience, offering them help and advice to really get the most out of the platform.


August was a very exciting month, as we announced our partnership with Salesforce® in the lead up to Dreamforce in September. This had the UI/UX and Content & Marketing teams working hard to produce a landing page and flyer for the new integration of's review solution on the Salesforce® dashboard.

Our partnership with Salesforce® means that current Salesforce® users can benefit from our solution. They can gather insight for each customer account, form effortless customer connections, and build marketing campaigns using the sales, service and marketing clouds. The service will soon be launching within Salesforce, you can register your interest here.

Our Developers released refreshed widgets, including the handsome Floating Widget v2, as well as optimised others to display local-friendly reviews, giving clients greater visibility of their reviews collected across the web.

Our groundbreaking Merchant Metrics feature was added to our ever-growing toolkit for clients and their customers alike. Merchant Metrics displays a summary of delivery and customer service response time-frames, as well as refund ease and other data.

Merchant Metrics is collated from customer reviews, reflecting accurate and lived experiences, to aid buying journeys, and enable companies to improve pain points within their service. A win-win for businesses and their shoppers!


We commenced September with Kehan, Tom, and CEO, Callum McKeefery, flying out to San Francisco to attend the eagerly awaited Dreamforce event. They presented the solution and our brand new Salesforce Partnership with great success (as well as had some fun along the way!).

Dreamforce Metallica

We welcomed Mahely Da Silva, our Community Executive, who has worked alongside the Content team; the driving force behind asking shoppers to turn their valued experience into a review, along with welcoming UK and US clients to, on Twitter.

An impressive development was the surge of clients utilising their reviews offline. Companies such as Direct Cars use their recommendation percentage - derived from their reviews - in radio advertising, and BUILT/ have recently released a TV advert containing customer reviews, along with the logo!

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="/storage/app/media/blog/uploads/2018/09/BUILT-TV-Advert-Q4-2018-1.mp4"][/video]

Displaying reviews in traditional advertising demonstrates the beneficial scope that customer-generated feedback can have. It's great to see these businesses spreading their great feedback further afield! Not only do they reach a wider audience, but it has enabled us to make the brand a more familiar name.

At the end of September we improved the platform by giving clients the opportunity to add Featured Reviews to their company profile page. In essence, Featured Reviews enable clients to pin their most representative review to the top of their company profile page, instantly highlighting their merits to shoppers.


Similarly to March, October was absolutely packed with new additions. The first week we welcomed two new US based team members. Natalie Arellano, Customer Success Manager, has helped clients fully-utilise the platform, nurturing their review journey.

And Clay Duplantis, Sales Development Representative. Clay has driven our client-base by piquing interest at first call, and successfully managing client expectations.


Early in September we were invited to showcase a double-page spread in Car Dealer Magazine. In October, magazines were on desktops and shelves!

Car Dealer Magazine Issue 128

We were able to demonstrate to car dealers, garages, and car parts/accessories retailers the ease of review collection using our In-store app - review collection right at the point of purchase - as well as local review collection across sites most important to the automative industry, AutoTrader.

With another platform update, we gave companies the opportunity to take responsibility for their reviews in a heartbeat, using the Instant Access Demo. The demo gives a non-committed opportunity to reach out, something advocates, helping encourage review collection. The Instant Access Demo highlights that shoppers have a voice, and that voice should be recognised and utilised!

Lastly, October saw the first of our FAQ Friday videos on YouTube! These videos encompass quick customer questions taken on board by our dedicated customer support teams, to convey the ease, simplicity and benefit of review collection, and the solution. Check out our YouTube channel for more videos with great review advice, both technical and lay.


Our public-facing Support Center had a fantastic spring (Autumn..Winter!?) clean, and now contains even more articles, along with comprehensive videos. This enables our clients and companies to educate themselves independently to how review collection, publication and management works, how to implement features, as well as information on how best to utilise the solution.

Vedant Mistry, Developer, shortly joined us to meet the needs of our continued growth of the platform, and has worked with the Development team to roll out new features, some of which we've yet to introduce!

We wrapped up the month launching our cutting-edge feature, Competitor Analysis. As the name implies, Competitor Analysis is gold dust for businesses wanting to set themselves as market leaders within their industry, gaining insight into competitor review sentiments, ad spend, and keyword searches, plus much more.

Competitor Analysis allows businesses to benchmark themselves against their competition in order to reinforce or improve their services, the benefits of which sell themselves!


We've concluded our year by welcoming no little as 4 more members to the UK & US offices!

Mathew Izzard, UI/UX Developer, and Sales Development Representatives Ciaran Campbell and Abdi Ibrahim, have grown the UK office to a team of 19. And our US team is now 6-strong, with the addition of Senior Account Executive, James Deokar.

What a fantastic year, and congratulations to the current and growing team members at with each and every success! We wish your business the same level of achievement and more, and a fantastic 2019.

Watch this space

We're always rolling out new additions and updates - as 2018 has proven - so watch this space as there are already new features in the works:

  • New Widgets (Including the Compound Widget)
  • Webinars
  • Instagram feed

And hopefully more wonderful additions to the team! Most platform updates are free to all our current clients, we're always putting our users at the core of what we do.

To find out how and the team can help your business succeed using your authentic customer feedback, give us a call today. Alternatively, take a look at the solutions we offer, or try them out for yourselves by booking a demo.