In June 2016 we launched a new feature called 'Review Photos'. At the time we had no idea what quality of the images would be like or how great an impact (if any) these images would have on our clients trust and conversion.

  [caption id="attachment_3470" align="aligncenter" width="600"]lazy Lawn Photo Review Direct clicks from company pages increased over night when the store had photos.[/caption] We collected over 20,000 review photos (with over 80% being activated) within the first two months of the solution going live. It quickly became apparent that when our clients started activating images, they received more traffic to their site via the "Visit Store" button on our site. In fact, company pages that had review photos got an average increased click through rate of 82%. We are now providing 100's of new customers to our clients on a monthly basis simply because of the uploaded high quality images. Over the past few days we have made changes to our company pages so the user generated images are more visible.   [caption id="attachment_3471" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Appleyard Flowers The quality of photos that have been uploaded have been amazing. Above is an example of our new company profile page.[/caption]  
"There is no question that customer review photos build trust and help our clients sell more, but now our research backs it up as well" explained Nicole Albano, Sales Director of
Review Photos undoubtedly create a strong connection with potential buyers which is why we have improved our company pages and made Review Photos more obvious. When visitors are on a company page, Review Photos are prominently displayed at the top of the page.
Euan Alexander Cameron, Head Of Digital Market at Peter Vardy said, "We have been testing review images for the past couple of months and the results have been very positive. It's a great way to build trust with potential customers as well as increase our social footprint."   [caption id="attachment_3481" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Peter Vardy Reviews Peter Vardy Company Profile Page[/caption]  
All the Review Photos we collect are freely available for our clients to use in marketing material. We also now include photo reviews in our API so you can easily display them on your site next to your products or services. Stay ahead of your competitors by collecting Photo Reviews from your customers today! The Review Photos solution is included in all packages, to activate please log into your account and visit If you don't have an account with and think we could help, don't hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call today.