Our Auto Review Collection (ARC) Solution is the back bone of our service and is one of our most widely used features. With that in mind, I thought it would be worth dedicating an article explaining what ARCs is and how it helps online businesses create a steady flow of high quality reviews. The ARCs solution has changed massively over the past 6 months and our new changes are creating tons of new "Verified" reviews.

What is ARC? How does it work?

In simply terms ARCs is a way of notifying our secure servers of your latest customers. The original and most widely used way of notifying us of you new customers is to BCC us in on your customers delivery or order confirmation email. We can also be notified via direct email to our servers, via and API or by using one of the new modules we have created for Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce. 1. The Multiple techniques we can use to provide the ARC solution


  Our servers then parse the details from the email and create a review collection request in the clients dashboard.  The review request is delayed and queued in the dashboard for a number of days which you can control in your settings. We always try to advise clients on when to send the review request so it hits your customer at there happy time. Not all happy times are the same. For instance, eCommerce companies have the best conversion 3 days after shipping while Online parking companies covert best 1 hour after leaving the car park.

2. Overview of ARC

auto-review-collection The review request email we send out can be fully customised to match your branding. Here are a few examples of review collection emails that we have created for our clients.

3. Examples of custom review collection emails

email-examples Our Automatic Review Collection solution has collected over 620,000 reviews in the past 12 months. Euro Car Parts has managed to collect over 25,000 review since June 2013.

4. ARC helps collect significantly more reviews


5. Full Auto Review Collection (ARC) Process


Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to set up Automatic Review Collection? Very easy, you can be up and running with ARC in the time it takes to add an email address to your Content Management System (CMS). Once you have set up sending us notifications of new customers, it's then a simple case of setting the queue date and editing the review collection email template. Do you ever contact my customers again? Never, we have a strict only contact once policy. Can I customise the review collection template? 
Yes, this is possible for all accounts. If you need help designing your email don't hesitate to get in-touch. Can I send myself a Review Collection email so I can see what customers will receive?
 Yes, you can send an example Review Collection email to yourself by clicking “Send Test” at the top of the review request template in your dashboard. Can I ask additional questions i.e would you recommend (Yes/No)
 Yes, you can add any additional questions to your review collection page. We have found by asking additional questions you can find key insights into your business and also see how your company is perceived by customers.

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