The iOS app now allows business owners to manage their incoming reviews anywhere, any time.

After the successful launch of the iOS app, aimed primarily at consumers wishing to read and write reviews about businesses in their local area and beyond, today can announce version 2 of the app.

With this new update, business customers can log in to their account just as on a computer, and view and reply to reviews on the go. Here are the main features:-

Reviews Timeline

Your Reviews Timeline mirrors that of your usual dashboard seen on a desktop computer. It contains incoming reviews, identifying their source, star rating, customer name and review comment.

To take action on a review, just tap on it to open up the options for that review. To perform a quick reply, swipe left to show the Reply button, and click that.

Once you're in the review information screen, you can Reply, request Moderation or Forward your review appropriately. You can also share it directly to your Facebook or Twitter feed from within the app, just as you would in our desktop app.

Reply to reviews

When Replying to a review, you can choose to make it a public or private reply. Public replies will be shown on your company profile page on for all reviews collected there.

Forward reviews

You can send a review to a team member with a message. You might want to send reviews to your Customer Services or Technical Support team to investigate, take action, and contact the customer once resolved.

Moderate reviews

If you find a review which breaches our terms and conditions, you may request a moderation request through our app. Our moderation team will investigate it in the usual way.

Please note, you cannot moderate or reply to Third Party Reviews through this app, simply because those sites are not part of

Statistics and Insights

At the top of your Reviews Timeline, you can access the Statistics tab or the Insights tab, which gives you an overview of your recent review statistics.

In Statistics, you can view your average Company Review score and total number of reviews, plotted on a graph over the last 12 months. You can also get a breakdown of the total number of reviews of each star rating (one to five). Your current Net Promoter Score (NPS) is also displayed.

The Insights tab uses our Sentiment Analysis technology to give you an understanding of different aspects of your business are performing. For example, if you have a disproportionate number of negative reviews all containing the word "delivery", then this warrants further investigation as you may have a supply chain problem.

Conversely, if you have a lot of positive reviews containing the term "customer service" then you might conclude that your CS team is doing a great job.


The new iOS Reviews app gives business owners the ability to manage all their reviews from anywhere, making it really easy to take action on incoming reviews and monitor review performance across the web. By adding this functionality to our public-facing iOS Reviews app, has made it simple for both business owners and review writers to read, write and manage reviews from the comfort of their iPhone or iPad.

All our customers can benefit from our new iOS app available from this link.

If you'd like to start collecting reviews for your business, and be able to manage them on the go, then click the "START FREE TRIAL" button at the top right of your browser.