We've just launched our brand new feature Engage Bot, enabling your shoppers to follow and check up on their orders, and for your business to ask for reviews via Facebook Messenger!

What is Engage Bot?

With Engage Bot, your customers can now opt-in to receive order updates through Facebook Messenger once they've placed an order through your Shopify store. Engage Bot via Facebook Messenger gives you another avenue - along with email confirmations - to contact your customers.

With more individuals checking social media notifications at the click of a button, Engage Bot allows you to form frictionless communications with your customers and create more-informed after-sales experiences. By keeping your customers in the know and increasing accountability, you reduce any anxiety customers may feel when making an online purchase. Reassurance and knowledge about the status of their order results in happier customers overall, securing the likelihood of future custom.

Engage Bot & reviews

You can also request a review through Facebook Messenger using Engage Bot. As customers are informed to the status of their order e.g order confirmation/dispatch/order arrival, this is a great opportunity to ask for their feedback regarding service or the product, depending on the stage you ask. Engage Bot increases the opportunity to collect reviews threefold:

1) A huge majority of individuals are constantly checking social media, therefore a notification and review request on this channel boosts visibility and thus action taken.

2) Many people are excited to receive their order, constantly checking in to see its status. If your customers see their item has been dispatched/has arrived they'll be in a good mood, and therefore if asked at this stage via this channel, will be more than happy to leave a review.

3) Lastly, asking for and collecting reviews via Facebook Messenger is a seamless route for your customers to leave a review. As with the above, if more of your customers are active on social media then you'll be reaching a greater review collection potential than if you were to just send email requests alone.

How it works

Once Engage Bot is activated, a 'Send to Messenger' button is available on your checkout page. When customers opt-in, they'll receive order updates from Shopify to their Facebook Messenger.



Currently they'll get a notification when the order is placed and when the item is despatched, with the functionality to add or remove notifications in the future. When this fucntion is live, it's entirely up to you what you notify your customers of, but don't forget that a well-informed customer is a happy customer.

We've seen many a review unnecessarily negatively affected with a lesser star rating, because customers have stated that they weren't told anything about their order status only until they physically received it in the post. They were happy with the product - but not that they were kept in the dark! Therefore, we advise alerting your customers to order confirmation and dispatch at the very least (the current default) and consider adding order arrival along with any delays or hiccups along the way when possible.

Order confirmation

Order dispatch

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Blog summary

Get started using our great new feature, Engage Bot, to keep your customers up to date about their order on a channel they will easily see notifications, Facebook Messenger. Utilise it further by asking them for a review after an appropriate order status update such as dispatch, and see your review conversion increase!

Engage Bot is available for all existing clients, and can be found within the Dashboard under Company Setup >> Advanced Features >> Engage Bot. For more information about Engage Bot or any of our other great new features, give us a call today, or send us a quick message on our live chat - we're always here to help.