We understand that a lot of your potential customers are shopping on Walmart.com, so we've now made it easier than ever for you to display your hard earned reviews on the platform with our new syndication update.

Build trust on Walmart.com

We’re super excited to announce that REVIEWS.io customers will now be able to syndicate their reviews into the Walmart Marketplace.

This partnership will help brands amplify the impact of their content and bolster their presence on Walmart.com with up-to-date, trust-building social proof that drives sales.

Why your future customers are shopping on Walmart.com

Ranking second behind Amazon for the largest e-commerce market share, Walmart’s online platform can allow you to have your brand exposed to millions of customers, specifically those located in the US. With over 400 million monthly website visitors, it is clear that at least some of your potential customers are likely to be shopping on Walmart.com.

However, there are also over 75 million products on the platform already and those who are displaying product reviews are standing out.

What this syndication will mean for you

Kickstart product reviews

For brands just starting out on Walmart.com, it can take time to generate sufficient reviews for each product. With our partnership, you can syndicate existing reviews you've already collected with REVIEWS.io directly into Walmart. This means you can save time and effort with your review collection strategy on Walmart and focus on other areas of building your brand.

It can take a while to generate enough reviews

Improve product rankings

Reviews are essential for product visibility in a highly-competitive marketplace. Reviews are a major ranking factor within Walmart search and this process is only going to improve over time with the more reviews collected and then syndicated from your REVIEWS.io account.

Build trust

With millions of products listed already, brands who display their genuine customer feedback are far more likely to build trust with new potential customers which inevitably will grow to more conversions.

Walmart.com will be available later this summer (2022).
'We're super excited to be able to give our customers the chance to stand out on Walmart.com with the syndication of their reviews. Now brands who have put in the work to collect reviews with REVIEWS.io will be rewarded on another platform that's experiencing rapid growth'

Callum Mckeefery - CEO, REVIEWS.io

If you would like to be in the first group of brands to use the Walmart syndication don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at support@reviews.io

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