What if we told you we knew someone who could get you 10,000 new customers, overnight? REVIEWS.io have just released a brand new feature, and it's about to take your brand viral.

Meet Ian, your most loyal customer.

Ian has 10 friends who admire and respect him. After shopping with you, Ian decides to share a picture of his new trainers with his 10 friends. Ian's friends usually like what Ian likes. They love Ian's new trainers and 8 of them go and check out your site. 3 of them make a purchase.

Now imagine that Ian has 100,000 friends who admire, respect, and usually like the same things as him. Imagine if Ian sent his 100,000 friends a picture of his new trainers. That's 3,000 sales.

Well that all sounds great, right? But how do you find Ian?

Failsafe Influencer Marketing at your fingertips.

Our Instagram feature gives you the tools to identify and connect with your most powerful customers at the click of a button. No more time spent scrolling and no more guesswork - just authentic collaborations that deliver a high return on investment.

How it works

  • We provide you with a real-time list of Instagram Users that have already shown loyalty to your brand. These are people that have shopped on your site, left you a review online or mentioned you.
  • Along with their Instagram handle, you'll have access to some really powerful data such as their customer history, follower count and engagement figures.
  • The list can be filtered and sorted to bring your most influential shoppers to the fore.
  • From here you can reach out via the email address provided, start building a rapport and talk collaborations.

Authentic, Genuine, Influencer Marketing

We've all seen stories about Influencer Marketing gone wrong. Brands partner with influencers based on their huge follower count, then wonder why they don't see a high ROI. The problem is not the influencer; the problem is not the product - it's the partnership.

You wouldn't try selling snow to an Eskimo. So why would you try to sell your products to the wrong audience?

Being won-over by a 100,000 follower count is one of the biggest mistakes brands make. Because an audience of 100,000 is only an opportunity if its the right audience - otherwise, you may as well be speaking different languages.

But figuring out whether an audience is the right one is hard. The truth is a lot of Influencer Marketing is guesswork. You'll know little about LipstickObsessedJen apart from what her latest posts can tell you, and even then, looks can be deceiving. You don't really know what Jen likes or what her ethics are, and as their audience is like to share a lot of these characteristics, you're unlikely to know anything about them either.

The result is Influencer Marketing campaigns that, on paper, should work, but in reality, fall flat. Hungry influencers take on sponsorships that neither themselves or their audience are particularly passionate about, and the whole thing flops.


Our Features are different. Unlike traditional Influencer Marketing, our solution reveals influencers that are already brand advocates. They like your brand, they get your brand and it's likely their followers will too.

These are the perfect people to promote your product. And we can help you find them, at the click of a button.

Identify true brand advocates with REVIEWS.io, connect and leverage their power. Sign up today & take the guesswork out of Influencer Marketing. Find your Ians.

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