The results are in. We've researched the UK reviews market and have found that Sports Direct, the UK's number 1 sports retailer, has collected the most reviews in the whole of the UK.

With over 447,741 company reviews (at the time of writing), they simply blow away the competition. This phenomenal review total was achieved in just 2 years, 9 months and 25 days.

When you do the maths, this works out at:-

  • 158,016 reviews per year
  • 13,168 reviews per month
  • 3045 reviews per week
  • 435 reviews per day
  • 18 reviews per hour

That's one review collected every three minutes, every hour of every day!

The very first review collected by for Sports Direct was on 30th September 2014, from a customer called Deborah, who wrote:-

"Unequalled speed of order processing and delivery. Have used other sites but none come close. Orders have always been correct in size and quantity. Can't recommend them enough."

High praise indeed there.

If you'd like to start collecting reviews with and be in with a chance of one day topping this record, just give us a call. Alternatively, sign up to request a demo by clicking the button at the top of this page.

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