We've given our public-facing company profile pages a bit of a refresh to include a whole lot more in-depth and interesting information for consumers. Read on for details.


The new design highlights the most important information about a business while also giving consumers far more information than a simple review star rating and comment.

Overall Rating

At the top of the page is the company name, star rating, number of reviews and percentage of recommendations.


If you click on the notification slider here then you can be notified of new incoming reviews as browser notifications.

Review tabs

There are four possible tabs to choose from on any given company page.  Company Reviews, Product Reviews, Questions, and Insights. Not all tabs will necessarily be available for all pages.

To see data related to one of these, simply click on it and the content of the main window will change accordingly.


Company Reviews

Reviews about your company will appear on the page in the following format, with the customer name, a review rating, and a comment. You can like, share or flag a review by clicking on one of the icons below it.


If a review is from a Verified Buyer, you'll see a green tick next to the review rating.

Instagram content

If a retailer has linked its Instagram account to REVIEWS.io, there will appear at the top of the Company Reviews tab a list of customer Instagram photos.


Product Reviews

Click on the Product Reviews tab to see a list of individual reviews for products that this store sells.  If this store has connected their product catalogue to their REVIEWS.io profile, then you'll also see the main product picture alongside the rating and total review numbers.



Questions and Answers will appear on this page if they are set up by a business, and allows customers to ask questions of other customers.


A breakdown of price, service, delivery, refunds and returns process is available under the insights tab, along with each review which contributed to the rating.


Merchant Metrics

As part of the review writing process, customers are automatically asked additional questions based on keywords contained within their review comments. Those questions are then given their own individual scores, and contribute to Merchant Metrics.

For example, if a customer mentions "delivery", then they'll be prompted to give an individual score on the delivery aspect of their order, and likewise with "service" and other aspects.

Merchant Metrics also gives data such as response times, on-time delivery, delivery methods and available communication channels.

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